Kirsty Taylor (England) 67

What is your reaction to six-under-par today?
I am very pleased because I just played very steady today. I didn’t miss many fairways or many greens and tried to keep it going. For the first time I’ve had 25 putts in a round which was pretty exciting for me. I missed a few as well so I’m very happy.

How did you make your birdies?
I birdied a couple of the par fives. I chipped in on nine for birdies and made a great four on the first. I chipped in from the bunker – holed a bunker shot – so that was pretty amazing. Most of the birdie putts were six to eight feet.

How satisfied are you with your season so far?
It’s been a bit of an up and down season. I feel like I’ve played really well but not quite finished it off. I’m happy. It could be a lot worse. I feel like I’m striking the ball really well this year. One day hopefully it will sit into place.

You have had a new caddie. What happened?
Dan (Kean), the caddie I have had for the last part of the season, sadly he moved to Australia on Wednesday. I’m missing him greatly. He was a good friend of mine. Now I have Chris Keeping, who normally caddies for Eva (Steinberger).

Are you going out to the final four events?
I’m thinking of going to Carly (Butler) and Jason (Bridge)’s wedding hopefully. I’m thinking about doing China on the way out. I’ll play in some of the Aussie pro ams and then do India and Dubai. The wedding clashes with Korea so I can’t do both of them sadly.

What are your goals for the rest of the season?
I’m hoping to enjoy it. I’ve had a tough year emotionally, nothing I want to go into, but now I want to focus on my golf. I feel good now because I’ve come out the other end and it’s really nice.

You’ve been playing better the last half of the year. Why is that?
Yes, absolutely. Since Dan got on the bag, actually. He was a great help to me. I’ve known him for years.

What are your thoughts on the golf course?
I think there are some great golf holes out there and it is very score-able.

Paula Marti (Spain) 66

What are your thoughts on the round?
Today was really solid and I hit it really close, which was the key. My birdie putts were short ones. I’ve been practising those putts a lot and I think I am getting more consistent in making them.
Other than that I made three stupid bogeys and especially on the last hole. I’d rather do that today than on the last day to win the tournament. It’s over on that hole. Now I just want to birdie it and that’s it.

Tania Elosegui (Spain) 66

How did it go today?
I made some good birdies at the beginning. On the first five holes I had four birdies and they were not very long at all but you have to make them so I was very pleased with my putter at the beginning. IK had a stupid bogey on number six and a bad tee shot on nine so I had another bogey again.
I had a birdie after on 10 and 11. Towards the end I was not hitting great shots but I hit the green and made two putts for par with a birdie on 18 with two putts so I am very happy with five-under.
I liked the course last year and I like it again this year. Five-under is quite a good start.

Last week you played well in France. How did you feel to finish second after holding the lead for most of the final day?
I was very happy because I didn’t expect that at all. I was very tired after coming home from the States. The first day I shot two over making pars, up and downs everywhere. I rested on Thursday and on Friday I was better. I had two under so was level par after two days but 10 shots behind the leader. I was not even thinking about being up there. The last day I started with a birdie on number one and holed a pitching wedge on number six for eagle. Then I made a birdie on seven so after that I started to believe that I could win. The putts at the end didn’t go in but I was very close and I’m very, very happy.

Johanna Westerberg (Sweden) 70

Quick quotes on the round…
I played pretty well from tee to green and my putting was much better than it has been for the last month or so. I played around with a new routine on the putting green yesterday and used it out on the course and it worked out really well. I am not really reading the greens that much, I am just going more on instinct. It’s a fun course to play and in good condition this year.