VCI European Ladies Golf Cup
La Sella Golf Resort, Spain 3-6 April 2008
Thursday 3rd April 2008
Round one leader quotes with the English and Belgian teams

Team England (Trish Johnson and Rebecca Hudson)

You were out on top after day one and you’re still out on top after day two. It couldn’t be better could it?
Trish Johnson: No. It probably could be better to be fair but we played some exceptional golf today from tee to green. We weren’t at our best on the greens which is probably a bit of an understatement but it’s not easy with the wind. The stretch from seven through 11 we hit some fabulous shots but just didn’t convert them. We said about staying out and top and here we are so we’re very happy.

Was it tougher than yesterday Rebecca?
Rebecca Hudson: Yes. The conditions were. The wind was the opposite way round and very strong today. It made the approaches into some of the holes interesting.

Have you played this format before?
Rebecca Hudson: Not this one, no. I’ve played a lot of foursomes as an amateur. They play them in The Solheim. Not for a long time so it’s been good.

Who got who out of trouble Trish?
Trish Johnson: We weren’t really in any trouble.
Rebecca Hudson: We had some fun down 13.
Trish Johnson: we were in all sorts of trouble on 13.
Rebecca Hudson: Apart from that we were on fairways and greens and we always had a couple of good choices to pick from.
Trish Johnson: I think in this format the idea is just to give yourself two putts because you’re pretty much playing foursomes and anybody can three-putt as you can if you’re playing singles so you’re possibly going to have a couple of hiccups in that sort of format.

Is it slightly deceptive as a course, looking at the holes?
Rebecca Hudson: The course, especially with the wind, does play harder than it looks. Certain holes, especially with the trees on the back nine, definitely. I had to hit driver into 17 which is a par three. You see a pr three and you think you should be fine. It’s very tough and very deceptive.

Will you settle for playing the same way over the next 36 holes?
Trish Johnson: I think if we can play like that from tee to green then who knows. There is a lot of golf to be played but I think we’ll be very happy playing like that.

Team Belgium (Lara Tadiotto and Ellen Smets)

You’re sticking with it and taking everybody by surprise here.
Lara Tadiotto: Yes, we love it. We are a little country with two good players. We are the only two so it’s good for Belgium.

Have you surprised yourselves with how you’ve done?
Ellen Smets: Actually no. We fit with each other well.
Lara Tadiotto: Today was 50/50.
Ellen Smets: That’s what you need with this format. Today was good. When Lara was not there I was there and when I was not there she was there.

You didn’t let England get away from you.
Lara Tadiotto: No. I have known Trish for a long time so I was like, “She is not going to beat us again!” It’s a fantastic format actually. I wish we had more events like that. It’s totally different and so much fun.

You looked so relaxed out there.
Lara Tadiotto: We are a little bit crazy. The Belgians like to party.
Ellen Smets: In between we had a good laugh. We just tried to keep it relaxed and we don’t want to put any pressure on ourselves.

You tell the jokes in English?
Lara Tadiotto: We talk to each other in English which is a bit funny.
Ellen Smets: I understand French and she understands Flemish but we just don’t speak it. English is a good language for us.

Did you have a few jokes with Trish and Rebecca as well?
Lara Tadiotto: Yes. We know each other well and have been playing together for years.

Can Belgium win?
Lara Tadiotto: Anybody can win and of course we will do our best.
Everybody here wants to win. You don’t know with this format, you don’t know with the wind, a bad kick, that’s golf. If we win it’s going to be a mega fiesta in Belgium.
Ellen Smets: We will just try to keep going and enjoy it.