Laura Cabanillas

Congratulations on your best finish on the Ladies European Tour. Where did this come from?

I think my mind is clearer these days but my game is the same.

Have you been working on anything in your swing or game?

No. I only try to enjoy it and that’s it.

What did you think of the course in Larvik?

It was a great course, in very good condition and it was fun with many par fives.

How similar is the temperature to Marbella?

Not really. It’s warmer in Marbella: its 42 degrees now.

What will you do next week before the Spanish Open?

I will practise at home and spend time with my family and friends.

Were you expecting anything this week?

I only want to enjoy playing and the rest is coming along.

Beth Allen

What was the key?

I putted very well: I had 26 putts. I didn’t finish well. I parred the last three holes but I had it great for a while. I bogeyed my first hole and then birdied the next four. I played the par fives pretty badly today. I’m disappointed because that’s where all the scoring should be done. I was taking care of the other part but didn’t score on the par fives at all. I could have put a good round together.

Do you think you could have won?

The way I was putting… I don’t know what everyone else is doing. I’m happy.

This is American Independence Day. What does that mean to you?

It’s funny but I didn’t realise until yesterday that it was the 4th July and I was thinking that I must have been in Europe for a long time if I can’t remember when Independence Day is. I wish I was home having barbecues with my friends. I’m here and I’m playing well so it’s good. I’ll be celebrating tonight, why not?

Where are you based when not in America?

I’m based in Sweden so I’ll go to Helsingborg and next week I’m going over to Scotland. I’ve never been there so I’m going to play some golf over there. I’m going over with the Scottish girls. We are going to try and play Carnoustie and Royal Troon and all of them. It’s so exciting!

Samantha Head

How was the course today?

You had to think a lot. I sat before I played, checking out what the carries were and that helped a lot. I had birdie putts at 16, 17 and 18. I missed a five footer ant 16, was short at 17 and just missed one at 18. Overall I’m very pleased. I’ve been playing well all year and usually I don’t get going until the end of the season, so I needed to change that.