Paula Marti (Spain) and Martina Eberl (Germany)

Paula Marti: It was just great out there. I just hit is closer than yesterday. I copied Martina from yesterday because she was hitting it really close. I knew she was playing great but I just needed to play as well as her and that’s what I did today.
Maybe some people think that I left some putts out there but they were good putts, I just didn’t putt them properly. The stroke was perfect and I just need to keep it the same way tomorrow.

Are you like an old couple now?

Paula Marti: I see her more than my boyfriend and my son! It’s just great to play with her. Like I said yesterday, we are good friends and we had fun on the golf course.
It will be fun tomorrow.
Paula Marti: It is. I think one shot is nothing in golf: we still have 18 holes to go and she is the favourite out here, playing at home with a home crowd and everything. I just want to enjoy it like I did the past three days. If you play with friends it’s always nice.

Today more than 6,000 spectators. Tomorrow an even bigger crowd. Is it more pressure?

Martina Eberl: I don’t think it’s more pressure because I don’t really see the people when I’m on the course. I’m really focused on my game. The more people the better. Today was great and people are very fair.
Paula Marti: No complaints.
Martina, 36 holes in 12-under-par. Is there a home advantage?

Martina Eberl: I know every hole so well. I’m hitting the ball better than the last few weeks. I said this morning that I’ve been through some swing changes over the winter. It takes a while. Of course I expected myself to do okay in the last few events but I was not surprised I wasn’t playing that well. It just comes out now and with the pressure there, it’s even better for me.

Are you happy to be leading for the first time in Germany?

Paula Marti: It’s only one shot. There are plenty of holes left and anything can happen tomorrow. The goal is just to enjoy it. That is my philosophy right now, after having a kid. You see life in a different way. Maybe before after missing a birdie putt I would be like, “Why like this?” but now it is just a shot. There are better things in life than getting obsessed by your game.

Will you play more tournaments in America?

Paula Marti:I did play three years in America and I just didn’t really enjoy it, maybe because I think everything came so quickly to me. You are number one at 22 years old and then you go to the States. You think you are the best and want to eat the world over there. It wasn’t like this and I put too much pressure on myself. I just didn’t enjoy it over there. You don’t have any friends over there and everybody goes with the money. They don’t like to see Europeans coming and stealing the dollars. It’s just I’d rather play in Europe. I know there is not as much money as in the States but, you never know, maybe I will go back to Q-School this year. With a kid it is difficult and I don’t want to educate my son in the States.

Is the LET gaining reputation?

Paula Marti:It is. With the times that we’re going through I don’t know how many tournaments they will still have for this year or the next years. I think it’s growing, everything is “evolution.” It’s easier for me, being a mum in Europe. I can fly home on Sunday night and come out to the next tournament on Tuesday or Wednesday so I’d rather do it this way.

Are you thinking about The Solheim Cup?

Paula Marti:No; not really, if you want me to be honest with you. I’ve already played one Solheim Cup and I have the experience. I know what it is: over the last few years I put too much pressure on being on that team and you know, as long as I keep playing well, I’ll be in that team and if not, I still have two more years to try and be in the next one. It’s not my goal to be in that team. Obviously I would love to be in that team. I love to be in a team event.

Johanna Westerberg (Sweden)

I still played pretty solid. I didn’t play much worse but didn’t get as close to the pins. I thought the pins were a little trickier today. I had a couple of mistakes: one three putt. 18 was the first putt I holed all day and that was the main difference. I didn’t really get into the right speed on the greens today. I hit them all a little bit short.
I’m always nervous on the first tee, but I managed to make a great four on the first so after that I was fine. It was fun to play; it just didn’t really happen today.
I just need to try to hole a few more putts and be a bit more aggressive on the putts.
I’m four behind and you never know. If I shoot 65 again I have a chance.