Bo-Mi Suh (South Korea) 69-69=138 (-6)

Q. Describe your game today.
No bogeys today. One birdie and one eagle.

Q. How did you make your eagle?
On 18 in two. Driver, hybrid 205 yards to 20 feet.

Q. How do you feel?

Q. Was it a good round for you?
Yes. I had more birdie chances but I didn’t make them. Finally on 18 I made eagle so I’m happy about that.

Q. Do you know China well?
First time here but I’ve played Xiamen two times. China Ladies Open at Orient Golf Club. Best finish third in 2007.

Q. How will you approach the final round tomorrow?
Hole by hole.

Q. You have not won any events this year or last year. You are hoping for your first victory. How many years have you been a professional?
Fifth year.

Q. What is your age and where are you from?
28, from Seoul.

Q. Your father is your caddie. What is his name?
Suh Sang Hong.

Q. How long has your father been your caddie?
Sometimes he caddies but not all the time.

Q. Does he give you the lines?

Q. Do you have any hobbies?

Q. What is your best finish as a professional?
Third in Xiamen 2007.

Carmen Alonso (Spain) 72-68=140 (-4)

You had five birdies and one bogey today. What was the key?
I played really good. I hit the ball so well with the driver and hit fairways so my drives were long. With my short game I was really good today so I’m happy about that. The only bogey was the result of missing a stupid one metre putt, but anyway, I kept working.

What was the difference between that and the first round?
I was more relaxed on the golf course. I went to Q-school in the USA and didn’t make the cut so I lost a bit of confidence. I was nervous because I’m hitting the ball well but confidence is a lot of things. Yesterday I was nervous all the time on the greens. The greens for me were too slow. I was short of the hole so many times. Today I just hit it to the hole, with nothing to lose, you know. Today I played very good.

Were the greens still slow?
I think less slow than yesterday because I played in the morning.

What do you think of the weather?
I like the weather. Now in Europe it’s so cold. Today it was windy in the morning but still perfect weather. I think the wind was a bit stronger than yesterday.

What made you return to China?
I like the golf course and the people are so nice. They always try to help us, they smile. It’s nice to come here and if the tournament is going to be here always, for sure I’m going to come. It doesn’t matter if the prize money is not too good. We’re in crisis and we have a tournament so nothing to complain about. I just come here and play golf, because it’s my passion.

Would you play in other places in Asia if you could?
Why not?

What is the target?
The target is to get my confidence back. I’m hitting the drives, my short game is getting better, my putting is getting better, my irons are so, so, but its golf. If I keep working it’s going to come.

Do you have a local caddie?
Yes, I have a little lady. I like the caddies here because they always smile. They don’t speak English but its okay. I never ask for tips on the greens because I like my own opinion. They are always smiling.

Frances Bondad (Australia) 70-70=140 (-4)

Talk about your round today.
The first nine I was playing very badly. I know if doesn’t reflect in my score but I was hitting shots that I wasn’t supposed to be hitting at my level. I was skanking shots and hitting them thin. One almost shanked. Once again my putting saved me in the end but the back nine my swing was a lot better and I was hitting better shots.
I think, like I said, I wasn’t hitting the ball well this week and there was a bit of fear. I was doubting a bit over the shot which is a no, no. Over the next nine I really forced myself to trust every swing and it worked a lot better.

Is this course wide and forgiving?

Yes, I think so.

Two shots off the lead – been in this position before?

I was tied for the lead in Austria after 48 holes or something and I got a bit nervous. I think I know what to do now so hopefully I’ll just have fun and keep trusting my swing. I am a lot more confident now with my putting so I think whoever holes the most putts for birdie tomorrow will win.

Do you have a good feeling with your putter?

Yes; not so much the swing but the putter is really good to me.

Do you feel at home here?

Pretty much. Australia is only three hours ahead so I’m already used to the climate and the time. I feel comfortable.