Happy Birthday from all of us. How does it feel to be 16? You’re 16 in Australia but not in America yet.


It feels really good, it doesn’t feel like my birthday because I’m here and not home, but it’s great to be here. How many 16-year-olds can say they went to Australia for their birthday?


How did you play today?


I played pretty good, I definitely left some out there but I struck it well. I hit a few bad tee shots that got me in some trouble on some easy holes. I ended up making a bogie, when it’s a birdie hole, but you know that’s golf. I’m going to hit some balls and get it straightened out, and hopefully be good tomorrow.


Having left a few shots out there, you’re only three shots back. You must be reasonably happy with that?


Yeah I am. I left some out there and hopefully I can get them back tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be that windy. It’s definitely getting windy now.


Are you liking being here in Australia, for your birthday, even without your friends?


It’s great being here, I mean its so nice in this area. I went to the beach yesterday, and just relaxed. I’m having a great time, and people are treating me so nice and I didn’t expect that. It’s great. Awesome.


Are your parents here to celebrate your birthday as well?


My dad and my agent are here, so I’ll definitely have a good dinner. So when I get home I will celebrate with dad’s parents and my mum too.


Does that mean you can drive that car legally now?


Yeah, when I get home, I’m getting my licence, so watch out.


How far was the eagle?


I had 180 yards to a flag. I hit to about 10 feet.


So it sounds like you’re pretty happy to come in here at three under?


Yeah, I mean I definitely lost a few shots out there, that were a bit short, but I’m happy with three under. Hopefully I’ll get a little more out of it tomorrow.


What was it like playing with Laura?


It was great. She’s a world class player and to see her laugh every time and the jokes she makes is crazy. But she’s a great player and she’s so nice.


Was there much chatter?


A little bit, but not a lot. She gets into her little zone.


Laura uses the driver a lot. Did you get past her on the tee?


I think she was right with me, I didn’t really pay attention, I was just worried about hitting the fairway.


How tricky was the wind out there?


There wasn’t much wind on the first nine, but then it got, a little windy out the back. It is definitely a lot windier now I’m in here. You just got to stay steady and play smart and take advantages on the easy holes.