Helsinki Golf Club, Finland – Friday 29th August 2008

Ursula Wikstrom

Ursula Wikstrom, Finland 68 (-3)

How did you make your eagle?
I hit a good drive, just on the left side of the fairway. I had 186 to the pin and hit my hybrid. It looked really good. It was one and a half metres short and I put it in. The second shot was pretty much what made it.

How many times have you played this course?
I have played in this tournament four times and I used to play here every year as an amateur. I feel comfortable playing here on this golf course because I know the course really well. This summer I have only played on Tuesday though.

What are your hopes for the week?
It’s difficult to say. I want to concentrate on my own game and do my own thing. I want to be high on the score board as well.

How old is your son Erni now?
A year and seven months, I think. He is here somewhere.

How does it work, having a baby on tour?
For me it works pretty well. I have pretty good support from my parents. For me it works well.

What was your best finish in this tournament?
I was second the year when we didn’t play the last round.

Are you playing well enough to win?
I can never say how everyone else is playing but I think my game has come along. I am hitting the ball much better now. I have been able to see my coach here and to relax so I feel pretty good.

Where do you live?
I live 15 minutes from here.

Are you staying at home this week?
I am staying at home, yes.

Who is your coach?
Petteri Nykky.

What is your best finish this year?
I have had a few top tens. I think I was somewhere there in Switzerland.

How is the course playing?
The greens are really nice. As long as we don’t get too much rain it’s okay. A couple of holes are pretty wet but the greens are good. They are not wet at all so that’s a good thing.

What was the best part of your game today?
It was pretty simple today. I made a few putts and didn’t make too many mistakes. I was pretty good around the greens.