Paula Marti from Spain

Very well played; you both shot 68, four under par today. What pleased you particularly in the way you played today?
Paula Marti: My driver and my putting were great today, especially on these fairways. They are so tight that you have to hit the fairway otherwise the rough is so high that it’s really impossible to get a decent lie. I’ve made a couple of putts and that’s it. That was overall my round. I made two mistakes in a row but I finished with birdie, par, birdie, so that helps the round.

How many fairways did you hit?
10, but out of 18 I only missed four which is not that bad. On the most complicated holes I hit the fairways so I guess that was the key.
Melissa Reid: “I didn’t drive the ball well today but it was quite a weird round. I didn’t put myself in any trouble but I didn’t hit it as well as I wanted to. I hit a couple of wayward long irons which wasn’t good but all in all I didn’t put myself in too much trouble. You’ve always got to be happy shooting in the 60s; I’ve put myself right in the tournament. There is room for improvement but then again I holed a good putt on the last and finished with three birdies in the last four holes, which was really good.

You’ve both had different preparation for this event. Paula, I believe this is your first tournament of 2010.
Paula Marti: Yes, first round.

How have you been preparing?
Paula Marti: This winter has been hard because in Europe the weather has been horrible. Even in Spain we had rain and really bad weather. Last week it was snowing in Barcelona so I had to go and manage to practise in all the courses around Barcelona. I have a lot of help and it’s easy when you have help and bring up a baby. It’s always good to be home with my family, with my son and everything is good. Everybody is happy so that’s the main thing.

How much time do you get to practise?
Paula Marti: I do get to practise. Izan goes to school from 9 to 5 so I get time to practise, yes. I work out a lot in the gym, so I’ve got no injuries this year.

Melissa, you went to Australia. How are you feeling? Any jet-lag at all?
Melissa Reid: I was feeling pretty tired and I’m still waking up at 4 o’clock in the morning but all in all I think Australia was good. It got all the rust out of me. Like Paula said, the preparation hasn’t been ideal this winter. If I knew the weather was going to be like that I would have gone to Australia much, much earlier, but Australia got the rust away from me and I felt that I played better at the Commonwealth last week. Things are good and it’s nice being back on the European Tour again, seeing everyone and being back in your own comfort zone. It’s nice.

What is your understanding of what you need to do to succeed here over the next two days?
Paula Marti: Keep it on the fairways and especially you know, I heard it’s a very windy course but so far the wind’s been behaving the past three days. I guess it’s just the same routine as today. If I keep hitting the ball good and keep making some putts and don’t get myself into trouble, you never know.

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