Diana Luna, Italy 66 (-6)

Six-under-par today. How did you do it?
Hitting 16 greens helped me a lot and two par fives in two shots helped as well. The par fives were shorter because they put them forward because of the water. There were some short par fives which were reachable: the ninth, tenth, 14th and the 17th. I had 29 putts so with 16 greens that was very good, finally. I’ve been struggling with the putting so I just went out there and decided to have fun and I think that is the main thing.

Do you have a full time caddie?
Yes. He helped me a lot, especially with choosing clubs and with confidence. On the 17th, it’s an island green and I was there with a distance to reach the green and we said do I go for it or do I lay up? We said: “Go for it!” and I did and I was putting for eagle from four metres. I missed it but I’m happy anyway.

How difficult was it with the conditions being wet?
I think they did a great job because I walked the course yesterday and it was very wet. If you saw the rain they had last night, I think they did a great job and it was very well done. The bunkers were very good. Of course some fairway areas were very wet. I think they chose the right holes to put forward so as not to have so many problems with the weather. You did have a lot of drops for casual water but you always had an area to drop pretty close by. You always had a chance to drop within a reasonable distance.

Were you surprised by the weather?
Yes, it was pretty hot. I was surprised by the warm weather when I flew here on Tuesday. I think today the weather was perfect. The course was wet but the weather was warm and the conditions were very good.

Are you still living in Monaco?
I’m living in France but very close, in Cannes. I moved two or three months ago. I used to practise in Cannes so it was easier for me and my husband. He works in Cannes as well. I used to practise in Cannes Mougins. Now I can practise there.

What would you like to achieve this year?
It would be wonderful to have another victory. I have been working hard and I changed my swing a lot over the last two years. My coach in Roger Damiano at Cannes Mougins. We have also worked hard on the putting so I hope it will help me to achieve something.

Marianne Skarpnord, Norway 66 (-6)

How pleased are you with your start to the tournament?
I’m very pleased. The start was a little bit tough. I hit the driver out to the left. I didn’t play good on the par fives. I made an eagle on the 17th but that was the only one I took advantage of. On the 14th I had to save a par. I’m pleased as minus six is always a good score.

How did you make your eagle?
I hit a driver, six-iron to one and a half metres.

How does it feel to be leading in your home country?
It’s fun but its two more days with hard work. I’m looking forward to it.

How is the course condition?
The greens are a little bit bumpy but what can we expect after all this rain. It’s a little bit wet out there on the fairways but it’s absolutely playable.

How unusual is the weather?
It rains a little bit now and then but this is like it has turned on a shower for one or two hours. It is not normal.

What will your strategy be for tomorrow?
I will just go out and focus on my game and try hard again.

Are you satisfied with your position?
When you are leading on minus six it’s perfect.

How happy were you to get finished?
I’m very happy for that. It’s okay that I live just live the road but seven is still very early and Laura was too. We agreed that if we got behind the schedule we were going to run the last hole.

Nina Reis, Sweden 68 (-4)

Well played today. What was the key?
I hit a lot of good iron shots and made some putts but I still left a lot out there. I thought I could have done so much better.

How well do you know the course?
I played three weeks ago and it was nice weather and really dry. I thought it played kind of long but today it was shorter because they moved the tees forwards as it was so wet. I thought it was a good decision. I like the course; it’s fun.

Why did you play a practise round here?
My boyfriend lives here so I was visiting for a couple of days and we played. He caddies on the LPGA.

What do you hope for this week?
I hope to do better, keep hitting some good shots and finish well. I really feel like I can finish at the top and hopefully one of these weeks I will be there.

How far away do you live?
I live three hours away in Gothenburg.

Iben Tinning, Denmark 69 (-3)

Can you explain a little about your recent injury?
It’s an old injury I’ve had for five years and it’s just been really, really bad the last two weeks. There is not enough space in there so it’s a classic golf injury.

Today you played well. What was the secret?
I just played well obviously. I literally haven’t played for two weeks. I had a few company days on Tuesday and Wednesday but that’s it.

Have you ever played here before?
No, but I walked it. It’s still very wet out there. There were a few shots where I didn’t hit it as bad as it looked. I think everybody has that and that’s the only thing that’s a little bit annoying. On 17 I hit it in the water from 154 metres to the pin. It totally went. You’re in the middle of the fairway and it’s just so wet but everybody has that. It wouldn’t normally happen. I just enjoyed it out there and it’s always nice to have your friend with you.

Are you playing up until Denmark?
I’m not playing in Finland. They told me not to play this week actually but I want to play and it’s not hurting me that much. It actually feels all right. Next week I will practise a bit more.

Johanna Head, England 69 (-3)

What were the conditions like?
It was so wet but the green keepers and all the greens staff had done the most incredible job. Steve and all the European Tour guys have done a brilliant job to actually get us out there so I completely take my hat off to them and it’s brilliant that we are able to play.

How pleased were you with your round?
I hadn’t seen the course. I had only walked 12 holes so for the last six holes I really had my focus head on. I had to really think about what I needed to do. It was really good out there and I think it was a good idea to put all the tees up so that we could hit into the drier landing areas.

This is the third week for you in Europe. How you feeling about your performances so far and what are are your hopes for the rest of the time here?
I was very disappointed with Wales last week because I missed the cut. I was very pleased with Sweden and I got up there two shots off the lead going into the last round so I was really pleased with that. Golf is golf and you can never expect anything so I just come out here and play and I do the best I can.

How much are you enjoying it?
I’m loving it. I’m not quite loving the weather but I’m loving spending time with my sister. It’s good fun.

Carmen Alonso, Spain 69 (-3)

What was the best part of your game today?
Everything. My driver is perfect now. It is always in the middle of the fairway. On this course, the course is short because it is wet and the tees are forward. If you hit the driver in the middle of the fairway it’s easier. I made 30 putts today. My longest putt was nine metres at the 13th, the par three. I played really well because I didn’t know the course.

How confident do you feel now?
I have a lot of confidence. This year I have played really well and my golf is improving. My mind has improved. All of my old problems have gone and now I am so happy.

When is the first win coming?
You never know. You have to give 100 percent. That’s it.