Gwladys Nocera (France) 68 (-4)

How do you feel about your start to the week?
It was a good round. I hit some good shots, some not too good but my putting was really good.

Do you like the speed of the greens?
I guess I do. I was a bit short at the beginning with my putts and then I found a good speed so it was better. I had some birdie putts that were close and some par putts that were longer. I made some pars that helped me out a lot.

What were the highlights?
I birdied two or three in a row on the back which was good to finish the round like that. There were not really highlights but overall it was pretty good.

Does the course suit your style of play?
The course is in really good shape and it suits my game so it’s good.

You went to the temple so do you think there is some kind of divine help?
Maybe…that would be nice!

What was the strongest part of your game today?
The putting was good. I’m playing good and there were a few putts that helped.

Pornanong Phatlum (Thailand) 68 (-4) (Tied for sixth at the tournament last year)

Tell us about your round.
Today I played very good and the short game was very good too.

Was the birdie at the second hole a sign of a good start and how many birdies did you have?
Yes and five birdies.

You have played in China before?
Yes. I have played in Shanghai many times.

How do you feel this time; any difference?
No difference.

What is your target?
I just concentrate on my game.

Who is your caddie, your father?
No, just a local caddie.

What did you think of the Chinese players in your group?
Not good but today was windy too. She can make the birdies. She can control the shots.

What is your strategy tomorrow?
Focus on my game. Not think too much.

Minea Blomqvist (Finland) 69 (-3)

How was your round?
It was very steady, very relaxed. It was good company to play with so I was enjoying it. I played with Sam Head and she’s pregnant too so it was nice.

What is the best part of the course?
I think the layout is good. There are a lot of good holes. 16 is good and number four is good. There are a lot of good holes. It was quite long today. You have to drive the ball well. I probably hit a lot of rescues today so it was a long course, in a way.

What matters the most?
I think on this course you can kind of go for it because you don’t have rough. There are a couple of holes where you have to get your ball in the fairway. A couple of par-fives are reachable and a couple are very long, like number one and number 10 are very long par fives.

Of all the tournaments this year, is this your best start?
Probably because I haven’t played very good this year. I’m on the LPGA mostly and like 90th on the money list so today’s round is good for me.

What were the conditions?
There was enough wind to make it interesting and give yourself one more club to hit or something like that. I think it was more fun.

Julieta Granada (Paraguay) 70 (-2)

On her hole-in-one at the third (148 yards with a six-iron):
We couldn’t see it because there is a little downhill so we get to the green and fixed my ball mark and see it in the hole. There were only two balls on the green. We saw the first bounce but we didn’t know. The ball mark was 10 feet from the hole.

Did you ever receive a prize for your previous two holes in one?
The first one, nothing, but the second one they did skins so whoever makes eagle gets like 1000 dollars, so I got that.
This is the third in competition. I had one other one earlier this year when playing a practise round with my friends. Another one was when I was little.

Does this course suit you?
I was playing okay. I didn’t start off very well but the hole in one helped. I played some good holes; it was just weird. I can’t explain it. It was a little weird. The greens are a little faster today and I like fast greens so it’s good.

What was the best part of your game?
I hit some good putts early on. The second nine I was hitting it good but I wasn’t putting good. It was a weird day. It was putt good and the beginning, hit good, then putt bad.
It was a good round score wise but I need to work on a few things for tomorrow. At 6.50am I’ll be ready to go.

Are you the only professional from Paraguay?
Right now, yes. There was another girl playing on the LPGA, called Celeste Troche, but she got married and quit.

Lora Fairclough (England) 70 (-2)

What were the highlights of your round today?
It was pretty steady really. I played alright but didn’t have anything flashy. I just plodded along and enjoyed it.

Have you played much in Asia?
I played in Singapore a few years ago and played on the Asian Tour in ’92 and ’94 but never been to China.

Are you enjoying the course?
It’s lovely. The people are really nice and you feel very humble.

Why have you only played in nine events this year?
I was not really in a good place at the start of the year so I decided there was no point me being there and lighting a match to hundreds and hundreds of pounds when you’re in that wrong frame of mind. I’ve been on tour for 19 years and it’s sometimes difficult to maintain it. I’m as motivated as I’ve ever been but more disheartening really if things weren’t going right. It probably affects me a little bit more. Old age, maybe. There’s a big birthday coming up in January and maybe that’s what it is.

Would a good finish here motivate you and give you that impetus?
It will; yes, that’s right.

What were your reasons for coming here?
My card is not secure although I’m high up in the career earnings. I’m likely to get into competitions but for pride I don’t want to lose my category. I’ve never finished out of the top 47 in 19 years so I don’t want to finish on a bad note.

Frances Bondad (Australia)70 (-2)

Describe your game today.
It wasn’t really up to scratch in the days coming here so I wasn’t feeling that confident. I thought I’ll just play with that I have and hoped for the best. I trusted every swing. I only hit 11 greens so my game is not really up to scratch but my putting saved me so that was good.

Was the strongest part of your game your putting?
Yes and probably my driving because I hit a lot of fairways.

Is this course suit your style of play?
I don’t know. I don’t really see it that way. I play it how it is. Long hitters have an advantage if they can hit on the par fives in two.

What is your distance off the tee?
I work in metres and hit about 230 metres.

Are you happy with your score?
I am happy with my score because my game wasn’t up to scratch. I wasn’t hitting the ball very well this week so I’m surprised. My putting saved me.

It’s your second time in China – what brought you back?
Just to move up the money list. I like it here. I like the food, the people are really polite and friendly and I like the course too.

Nontaya Srisawang (Thailand)71 (-1)

You started two over. Can you talk about that?
At the first hole, (the 10th), I started with a double bogey. Then I got mad at myself but I tried to keep on the plan that I had on the practise round.

What made you keep your game?
I told myself that I still had 17 holes left and my dad said that too.

Did your dad give you any kind of advice?
He gave me distances and lines on the greens.

Before you went to play this morning, how were you feeling?
Just have fun today. Not too serious.

Now you play on the Futures Tour?
I play Futures Tour and I have a conditional card on the LPGA so I played in some tournaments this year.

What is your dad’s name?

Does he always caddie for you?
Yes, always in Asia.

How did you make your double?
I hit my third shot in the bunker and a bad lie, I topped the ball, chipped and two putt.

Tomorrow will you play the same?
It depends on the wind.

You played last year, where did you finish?
Tied for ninth.

How do you feel about China?
I like it. People are very nice.

How do the greens feel?
A little bit slow.

Which part of your game was good?
I putted very good today.

How many greens did you miss?