Anja Monke (Germany) 65 (-7)

Great opening round of 65.

The last shot helped!

Talk to us about that third shot into the 18th.

Well the second shot I didn’t put myself in a nice position there. I had a really difficult pitch over a little slope in front of the green and towards a flag which was short on the green. I said to my caddie, “This shot is almost impossible.” He said, “Just make a good shot out of it and we’ll see.” I hit a really good shot and it caught the centre of the hole and went in for an eagle. It was nice.

You were clearly playing well but finished with a 65. What a bonus!

Yes. It was really helpful.

Very nice to be playing back in Europe obviously?

Yes, obviously. I enjoy it a lot.

You chances for the rest of the tournament… is this a course that suits you after that marvellous opening round?

Yes, maybe. Today was good for me. We’ll see how the next couple of days go.

Are you going back to Q-School in the States?


Any particular reason?

No. I was home sick so much.

Becky Brewerton (Wales) 66 (-6)

Congratulations. Great birdie on 18, a round of 66, and what a great start, Becky! Well done!

I came out of the box really quickly and putted well early on. I hit the ball close. I mean, my game was great and to get to five-under after nine was really, really good.

You’ve come here well prepared. Are you anxious to continue and build on this?

Definitely. I think if you can get a good round like that in early on it gives you confidence for the rest of the week. Hopefully I’ll keep going for the rest of the week would be good.

You’ve been a runner-up twice here, once as an amateur and once as a professional. A victory would mean a lot to you, I’m sure.

It would, yeah. Whenever we have these Spanish tournaments I seem to do quite well so to add another one would be very nice.

The course really suited you today.

It was good. I’m hitting it really well and we’ve worked the grain out on the greens quite well. Like I said I’ve putted well early on and made some nice ones so that always helps.

How were the birdies made?

They were regular birdies and all very pleasant!

Beth Allen (USA) 66 (-6)

Excellent start to the round. What inspired you today, Beth?

I generally play well near the ocean; because I live near the ocean. It reminds me of home. I like the weather here and it’s nice to relax and be in Tenerife.

Great to get an early eagle on top of the birdies. You were feeling good early on.

I hit 111 in, a little wedge and it looked good all the way and rolled right in. I was four-under through six holes, so that was nice.

Are you feeling good about your chances with this return to form?

Yes, I’m feeling good about it because I like these greens; they’re grainy and I’m used to that, like at Palm Springs. We don’t see much of these at all so it’s nice to see them.

Beatriz Recari (Spain) 68 (-4)

Beatriz, a lovely round of 68, highlighted by that wonderful chip-in on 13. Talk to us about that lovely shot.

I played very good. I was relaxed out there. I arrived from L.A. on Tuesday so I had only two days to recover. I said I will just have fun and play my golf and wait for the putts to drop.

Four-under and just three shots back from the leader at this moment in time. Are you happy with that?

Yes, I’m happy. As I said I only arrived two days ago and the days go by. I feel better and better with the jet lag and everything. As I said I was happy out there and I feel good about tomorrow.

Do you feel you are getting extra support around here?

Yeah. It’s always great to play at home. It’s very special to play in your own country.