Karrie Webb

Karrie, Was a hell of a shot from the bunker of the 18th, what did you use for that?

Webb: A six-iron.159 yards I think. Obviously I probably started a little right of where I would like to have been, but I’ll take it. Anything on the green I was happy with.

You looked pretty disappointed with your tee shot on 18, how did you then steal yourself for that magnificent shot out of the bunker?

Webb: Yeah, well I was a little bit disappointed with the tee shot because I drove it pretty well today. The bunkers being as wet as they are, it’s not as difficult as a shot because they’re pretty hard-packed. So I just knew I had to put a good swing on it and make sure I caught it well enough to get it over the tree.

Karrie on the range this morning, did you feel that something like that was coming?

Webb: My last hole yesterday I put the two best swings of the day on it and it was just to shorten my swing up just fractionally and I’ve been struggling to find my timing consistently, so I didn’t know if that was just a quick fix for one hole or whether it was going to work but obviously, I hit balls on the range this morning and it felt good and it worked really well out there. Got it in on five and six I really felt like I could play the shots that I was seeing and wanted to hit.

May have unlocked the secret for 2010?

Webb: I don’t know. It’s too early. You go through patches where something works for a week or two and then it’s not working. So obviously though it is working right now.

Have you and Katherine ever gone head to head in the final round, in the final group?

Webb: I don’t believe so.

It will be interesting.

Webb: Yeah well there are a lot of people playing well, a lot of low scores today. It all depends on the weather tomorrow. I think I got really lucky today to not get too many drops but it will all depend on the weather but a lot of low scores today I would have thought shooting 64 at the start of the day would have given me a two or three shot lead but there’s a bunch of people bunched at the top so it will be an interesting day tomorrow.

Karrie will it require something like that again tomorrow to win?

Webb: Again I’ll just handle the weather. The course is soft, and the greens are actually are rolling really well so I think you’re going to have to shoot under par for sure, it’s just a matter of what the conditions give you, and just go out there and try to make as many birdies as you can I guess.

It must give you a lot of confidence with a round like that under your belt?

Webb: Yeah, really a lot of confidence. I hit the ball, to a degree, very well and putted really nicely which, I think, once I get the putter going, it frees up my swing as well.

Do you know how many times you’ve gone into the final day with the lead and how many times you’ve won?

Webb: I do not. But if I was Tiger Woods, you’d be able to tell me that.

That thought process you had last night, shortening your swing up a little bit, is that what you were took to the driving range this morning?

Webb: Yes, that’s what… I was talking to Ian about it last night and that’s what we just worked on this morning to see if that would get me a bit more consistent timing.

It won’t affect you Karrie, but do think it has a negative effect on everyone else chasing you with your dominance in this tournament? Do you think they worry on the first tee, thinking ‘how am I going to run her down?’

Webb: I don’t think so. I think that the players that are up there… Katherine now has won here. There’s players that have played well here and won around the world. I think it’s still anyone’s game. I think, the course is set up in such a way that someone three or four shots back could shoot a 63 or 64 tomorrow and sneak up and win. I wouldn’t think that anyone was thinking like that. But I can’t tell you what they’re thinking.

So you won’t be thinking ‘who’s going to run second today?’

Webb: Yeah, no, I’m pretty good on not trying to jinx myself.

Do you have any superstitions going into the last round? Any little things?

Webb: No, no not that I can think of from the top of my head.

Who was the kiss for on TV camera?

Webb: For my niece. For my other sisters, Katie’s daughter, Kylah, asked me this morning if I would blow her a kiss on TV. She will be three in a month.

Do you prefer to go in as the leader or do you prefer to chase?

Webb: I’ve won from both positions so it doesn’t really bother me. I’m just glad that I’m not three, four, five shots back going into tomorrow and having to really shoot a low one to have a chance.

Katherine Hull

You’ve been in here every day haven’t you?

Hull: I think I skipped yesterday, but that’s alright I don’t mind camping in here, it’s a good spot.

Happy with the way you played?

Hull: Yes, in a nutshell I am happy, attitude was a lot better today. I was able to execute better and I guess, the score told the story.

You would think a seven under…not have you in the lead, that’s pretty remarkable isn’t it?

Hull: Yes and no. I mean, you could make a lot of birdies out there today, conditions were ideal and obviously a lot of people were making birdies so, I’m not surprised Karrie went as well as she did, and yeah, it’s going to be a nice battle tomorrow.

We going to see some fireworks?

Hull: I’m not sure about fireworks, but you’ll see, I’m sure, a lot of putts dropping and probably some fist pumps in there too.

You said earlier in the week…can Karrie win a seventh major, you said- not if I have anything to do with it?

Hull: Yeah, that ‘s exactly right, I’m going to go out there tomorrow and give it everything I’ve got and see what happens.

You won’t be intimidated?

Hull: No, it’s just golf; it’s not brain surgery or rocket science, so, just go play.

Have you ever been in this situation where, you and Karrie have pretty much been head-to-head going into the last round?

Hull: I don’t think so. Not with Karrie, I don’t know, you guys probably know my stat’s better than I do.

Does that sort of concept excite you, that you will be sort of comparing yourself against Karrie and how you measure up under the pressure tomorrow?

Hull: I don’t think I need to compare myself. We’re two different players and, yeah, I’ll just be focusing on my game. I hope we both play well because I think it’s fantastic for Queensland golf and for Australian golf and…for this to be going around the world is fantastic. Just looking forward to it.

How hard will it be tomorrow to, sort of, not get into a match-play situation with Karrie?

Hull: O, I don’t think it will be too hard, we’ve both been playing golf a long time and know that, that’s not what it is out there, it’s just you against the golf course, so, she’s going to be focused on what she’s doing and I’m going to be focused on what I’m doing, I don’t think it’s going to come down to that, and certainly there are other players close to the lead as well, which, you know, they can post good numbers too, so I don’t think it’s just a two horse race at this point.

There’s a Korean girl who posted a 63 today, and hasn’t posted a bogey in the tournament…

Hull: Yeah, that’s great golf out there.

She’ll be in the same group as you…

Hull: Yeah, I don’t know I haven’t seen her play; I’m not sure who she is but obviously playing well if she’s made no bogeys.

Candy Smile…

Hull: Ok

Katherine you mentioned a change in attitude today, what was it? Were you getting down on yourself yesterday? What was the change? Positive thoughts today?

Hull: Yeah, a lot better today. I’m a perfectionist, yesterday I got a little carried away, a little too intense after shots, um, both my caddy Vern and coach Steve, kind of, pulled me aside last night and said ‘hey listen, you got to take it easier on yourself and just play golf because you can’t make it perfect. It’s not what this game is. Yeah, the goal is to make it…easier on myself today and easier on Vern because he was just mentally spent yesterday, poor guy.

Does he get in your ear much out there?

Hull: He does, yeah, um, he’s from Ireland so he’s always got something funny to say and, um, yeah, If I’m kind of, carrying on to much he’ll just jump in and bring up a story or tell a joke he just has this way of snapping me out of the funk I’m in. It’s great working with him.

What’s his best joke?

Hull: Um, he’s got a few…ar…lately, he’s been saying there’s more than one way to skin a cat, Kat. Because my nickname’s Kat, so when he says that I tend to chuckle a bit. He can get sarcastic out there too, so yeah, he’s great.

Why are you called Kat?

Hull: Just short for Katherine, yeah, first three letters.

I thought it must have been claws for something…

Hull: O, I can get pretty feisty but um, just abbreviation of the name really.

Katherine, today was the best round you’ve had so far, is there more improvement out there for you tomorrow?

Hull: I think so yeah, I hit 16greens today, I…I did actually leave a few putts out there, I was stroking it well all day and, um, a couple didn’t drop. If I can go through the same mental processes tomorrow and maybe just a little more disciplined with the routine, then I can shot an even lower number.

Have you got a score in mind, that you think you’re going to need to shot tomorrow?

Hull: No…I never have a score really, I just keep playing one hole at a time and keep trying to make birdies, but there’s a fine line between forcing it…and just letting it happen, I think, if you put a number in your head then you tend to try and force it. Whereas today, I just played, literally one shot at a time. It’s so cliché but it works.

Do you think the fans are going to be divided tomorrow; are they going to struggle to know who to cheer for?

Hull: That’s for them to decide I guess…(laughs). I think, like I said before, it’s just great for Queensland golf, for Aussie golf, and, there’s probably been a lot of people who have waited for the ‘showdown’ if you will, but, um, yeah, just looking forward to it.

Including you?

Hull: Oh, I mean, Karrie’s someone I looked up to but we’re all out here, we’re all competitors, we’re all trying to beat everyone, no matter who they are.

Bo- Mee Lee

Wonderful round today and new course record!

Lee: Thank you, my best score nine under par, just now, but my best tournament best score is today.

So the other nine under wasn’t in tournament conditions?

Lee: Yes

Is this your first time here?

Lee: It’s my first time here.

Have you been in camp?

Lee: I’ve practiced in Thailand with my friends.

When did you realise that today you had a good score going and what did it feel like?

Lee: The first two rounds for me weren’t that good, my shots weren’t that good but I had a tip from my coach and it worked really well. My putting, the putt was a straight lie all the time and I putt it well, because it was all straight lie.

Is your coach here?

Lee: I was on the phone that she had a tip.

What was the tip?

Lee: This is one thing, my ball precision was on the left, that’s why I had a lot of hook shots and I fix that and it worked really well.

Did he notice it on television, did he?

Lee: It was only on the phone, conversation on the phone.

How much practice did you get on the course this week? And how on earth, to see the course for the first time, no bogeys?

Lee: My goal was no bogeys, ten under par.

How many practice holes did you get in this week?

Lee: I only practice twice, nine holes each. For two days, that was all.

So you’re disappointed you didn’t get to ten under?

Lee: Four days ten under. The goal was four days, no bogeys, ten under par.

Are you going to revise that? You don’t want to be ten under tomorrow?

Lee: I want to win

Maybe twenty under?

Lee: Today I had the feel of the shots; tomorrow I might be able to do twenty under.

Tomorrow you may have to play with Karrie Webb, how do you feel about that?

Lee: I want to see how Karrie Webb plays tomorrow; I have always wanted to play with her, when I attended this event.

Do you have a nick name?

Lee: Smile Candy! I smile a lot.

How long have you been a professional?

Lee: I turned pro in 2007

First time win?

Lee: First time victory

How old?

Lee: 22.

Do you feel more comfortable coming to a place like Australia when there are so many Korean players she can hang out with?

Lee: I feel really comfortable with the Korean players but I think I need to learn English! That’s what I first thought when I came here.

What can you say in English?

Lee: I love you

Have you said that to anyone?

Lee: I have a lot of hi-fi friends here so I say, Good Morning, hello, hi.

How are you approaching tomorrow?

Lee: I’m a bit nervous now, I might be tomorrow. I have a fade in my shots, so that will do it for me; my shots will do it for me

Where are you from?

Lee: Kang Won province. On the east side.