Becky Brewerton (Wales) 65-69-66=200 (-16).

You must be thrilled with the way you played today.

I’m absolutely delighted. We were really lucky as well because the wind just seemed to absolutely die as soon as myself and Twiggy (Sarah Heath) got on the tee. We were very lucky.

It was a little gusty and when Tania finished, it seemed to pick up. Would you agree?

Yes. The last four holes we played were a bit tougher actually. The last few holes are quite difficult so we managed to negotiate those quite well. It was a bit gusty and hard to club sometimes because on a lot of the holes the wind comes across. It would gust a little but down and a little bit into so you just had to try and hit your shot quickly when you thought you’d guessed the wind correctly.

What was the most pleasing part about it?

I putted excellently. That really saved me on a couple of holes. I holed a huge putt on the third from about 60 foot and one from just a bit longer than that on 17. That was quite pleasing and I was pleased to get away with that one.

You have a five shot lead going into the final round but you can’t rest on your laurels can you?

No. As you saw today with Tania, you can shoot a low score here. This is the sort of course where you could shoot 62 so you just don’t know. If the course stays like it normally is with a bit less wind someone could come up from way behind. They could come creeping up and post a score early on so I’ve just got to be aggressive tomorrow and shoot something in the 60s.

Quietly confident?

Quietly confident, yes.

Tania Elosegui (Spain) 71-69-65=205 (-11)

Well done today.

Thank you. I am really pleased. I holed every single putt today. I am happy because I’ve never really had a good result on this golf course and I’ve played here so many times so I’m very happy with my 65.

Would you say this is your best round this year?

I think 65 is the best result but I can’t say it was my best round all around.

Laura Davies said this is a quite open golf course but you get punished if you don’t drive straight. Would you agree?

The rough is not very high so even if you miss the fairway it’s quite easy to make the green. You can hit a good shot from the rough and have a chance so even if you are not driving it very straight you can make birdies.

It was quite gusty.

Yes, it was strong at the beginning of the round for the first five holes but then it calmed down. On some holes it was strong, like on the 17th, and on others not too bad so it was weird. On nine I was playing into and then on 11 it was into again so it’s changing all the time and it’s not the same speed all the time. It’s quite strong.

What would it mean to you to win here in Spain?

It would be the same here or in France or in Italy. Of course it would be special to win here in your home country though.

Are you giving anything extra this week?

No. It is the same as every other week.

How confident are you that you will make The European Solheim Cup team this year?

I hope so but I still don’t know. There are two big tournaments and only the first 20 earn points at the British and Evian so someone can get in there.

How big a goal is it for you?

I am trying not to think too much but obviously it’s a dream.

Who of your friends are here?

My friend Anna is here, a Spanish girl from San Sebastian. All the Spanish amateurs are here who I’ve known from 16 or 17 years old. She is from San Sebastian so we play a lot of golf together.

Are you feeling comfortable here?

Yes, but as I said before, this golf course has always been tough for me. I find it difficult but today I played well and I am happy.