Georgina Simpson (England)

How pleased are you to be leading the tournament, which is the third biggest all year?
I’m really pleased but I’m just full of cold and I’m trying to take whatever shot’s in front of me and deal with that and get round at the moment really. Obviously it’s having a good effect and I should probably take that to every week. I’m happy to be in and going to my bed soon and we’ll see what’s out there tomorrow.

How did you spend the day before the round?
I was just going to get ready to warm up twice when the horn went for the suspension of play so it didn’t really affect me too much. It just meant I could sit a bit longer and chat. I had a few coffees and the first few holes I was shaking a bit but it wasn’t nerves; it was coffee I think. It wasn’t too bad at all. It wasn’t like I was out and got wet through. It was fine.

Talking of nerves, how will you be feeling tomorrow?
This is what you work hard for and I’m hitting the ball better than I’ve hit it for a while. The putter is still working. It didn’t do too much on the front nine but on the back nine it started again. I’m just going to try and get round and stay well because we’re out for three weeks now. A nice finish tomorrow would be lovely but I’ll just take it one shot at a time.

Kristie Smith (Australia)

How pleased with your game today?
I hit the ball awesome; probably the best I’ve hit it in a long time. I putted very poorly. I guess I can be happy with the way I’m hitting it but I’m not putting very well so I’m going to go and hit a few putts now ahead of tomorrow.

You didn’t feel tired after the break?
No. I felt a bit relaxed because the weather turned around quite nicely for us this afternoon. There was no wind whatsoever so you could stick it at pins. That didn’t hurt me at all. I just putted poorly.
The course was great. I was surprised how dry it was on the fairways. I didn’t expect it to be that dry.

How do you feel about tomorrow?
I told myself it would be nice to be in contention going into Sunday and that’s what I’m doing. I’ve been there before and I’ve won before so we’ll see what happens.

Lee-Anne Pace (South Africa)

What was the key to your round?
Putting. I swapped putters back to my old putter this week so it was good and they went in.

How do you feel about being two shots off the lead going into the final round?
I feel pretty good. I’ve been in this situation before so I’m just going to take it easy and make as many birdies as possible. Today Anne-Lise and I played for something at the end and that was good, and yesterday and that helped. We’ve already said what we’re playing for tomorrow so it’s a very good deal for me. It’s not such a good deal for her.

Vikki Laing (Scotland) -8

Rain delays are never easy to deal with but you must be really pleased to be finished, Vikki.
I’m really excited to be in. We were off and on the course a couple of times there so I actually finished pretty well and holed a couple of good par putts on the way in so I’m definitely very happy.

You were aggressive there on 18 as well.
Yeah, I had to go for it. It’s a big green so I aimed right and managed to hit it there.

What about the thought process with that putt?
I was just trying to roll it close and get some good speed on it. Halfway there I thought, ‘it’s got a pretty good chance,’ and it just missed the edge so a good two putt.

You’re leading at this particular moment. You must be pleased?
I’m definitely pleased. Any time you can be leading going into Sunday, I mean, I know there are a lot of girls out there, but a couple under today I’m really happy with, with the delays and all. I’d have taken that at the beginning of the day. I’m really happy with it.

This is only your second year on the LET. Why so long a wait to see you playing among the professionals in Europe?
I was actually in the States for a while. I was in college at the University of California for a good stint and I had a little bit of status on the LPGA, a conditional card. I didn’t get enough starts to get going with that and then I was on the Duramed Futures Tour for a little while and that’s pretty rough out there so I decided to move back to Europe and come back home and see how that’s going and so far, so good.

Where were you when called in?
I’d hit my drive on 16 when I got called in and then I hit my second shot left of the green and chipped on and got called in again. I went back out and made the putt and finished up from there. I’m pretty happy to be honest.

You are in the leading position. Did anything go wrong?
I’m really happy with two under. It’s been a really long day for us and we’ve been on and off the course a couple of times. I’d definitely take two under with all the weather that we’ve been having so I’m happy.

What are you planning for tomorrow?
Just the same: pick good targets and swing freely. I hope everything goes the same as it’s been going for the last couple of days. The putter’s working really well and I’m not going to try and do anything different. I’m just going to try and do the same stuff.

Jade Schaeffer (France) -7

Jade: a great round of five under par today. Did you feel good this morning?
Since yesterday I’ve been feeling very good about my golf. I like the Swiss greens: they are such good greens. Today I had a very good feeling and a cold head. I told myself: birdies are birdies and bogeys and bogeys. I was very good mentally and I like the course. Normally it’s not my best tournament but this week I changed my routine and it’s not the same as last year’s. I’m so happy with five under today.

What did you change?
I arrived at this tournament very late and I arrived just before the Pro Am. I’m lucky I don’t play the Pro Am because the Pro Am is not very nice with the rhythm. I don’t see the course: I remembered the course, it’s the fourth time I’ve played the course and I also played here as an amateur. I know the course and I tell myself, just practise. Last week I saw my mental coach and technical coach and I’ve just been practising my two or three drills. It’s a very good feeling ad good rhythm. It’s only that.

Who are your coaches?
Benoît Ducolombier is my technical coach and Stephan Mourgues is my mental coach. He is not precise but I like this mental coach because it’s not, ‘yes, tell me, you are bad at this time and the solution is think positive.’ It’s very communicative and I’m very open with him. He is a very good mental coach.

How did you cope with the weather delay?
I went on the course for the last holes and it was not too easy. I tried to play and I made a bogey at my first hole back, number six. It was my only bogey today. I told myself, it’s okay, take your time and try to make the putts. I birdied number eight.

When did you stop?
On the fifth I just made a small putt before the second stop and after I played the full sixth hole. It’s not the easiest hole to start but it’s the same for all players.

What are your thoughts for the final round?
Tomorrow I don’t think about an objective. I will just play a good game and see the result. It’s golf.