Dubai Ladies Masters
Emirates Golf Club
Dubai, U.A.E.
Friday 14th December, 2007
Round two Interviews

Lisa Hall (England) 67, 69 (-8)

Q. You played really well yesterday and consolidated it today with another good round. What was the secret?
Lisa Hall: The secret is there is no secret! I played equally as well today. In fact I probably hit more good shots close today than yesterday. I had three bogeys but I made six birdies so it was an enjoyable day.

Q. Is this your first time playing the course?
Lisa Hall: Yes. I didn’t play last year.

Q. How do you find it?
Lisa Hall: It’s very nice. When you get to play in good conditions like this. The course is immaculate. The weather is fantastic. If you have some kind of control over your golf ball then it is a lot of fun to play.

Q. Would finishing well this week round off a great year for you?
Lisa Hall: Yes. It has been a great year for me. One, just to be playing and competing; I’ve won twice and I’ve played a lot of good golf. Right now I’m enjoying playing, I’m enjoying competing and it’s nice to have had a couple of good rounds behind me.

Q. What was the best part of your game and what was the worst today?
Lisa Hall: The best part was that I hit a lot of shots close.

Q. How close was that one on the ninth – two feet?
Lisa Hall: Yes. I hit a rescue club.

Really I hit only one bad drive, where I made bogey. I hit one bad chip where I made bogey and one three putt. That’s golf; you’re going to make some mistakes and so I think I’ve accepted that and played well on the other holes. I certainly had a lot of chances and lots of fun.

Q. Are you thinking about next year?
Lisa Hall: Oh no. I’ve got Christmas first. I fly to Florida from here. I’ve got two more rounds of golf this year and whatever happens it’s still been a very good year for me. I feel very lucky; it’s been a lot of fun.

Q. What will the winning score be?
Lisa Hall: I’m never any good at predicting it. Certainly if you get the putts going you can shoot low.

Q. In terms of your career, do you feel that you are playing the best golf of your life?
Lisa Hall: Definitely.

Q. What is that down to?
Lisa Hall: It’s down to a lot of things; too many to list. A good caddy, good fortune, good work, a lot of effort, perseverance, enjoyment, perspective, a lot of things go into playing good golf and I’m glad that I’ve learnt that, to be able to play the golf I’m playing now. It’s been a long journey.

Louise Stahle 64, 74 (-6)

Q. You will be disappointed with today but you are still very much in the tournament. What happened at the start?
Louise Stahle: It was kind of a rough start. I got it back on 11 and 12 though.

Q. I saw some really good putts and the one on 12 really got you back on track.
Louise Stahle: Yes. That was very important to get back on track but then I didn’t really get going and left my putts short today. I didn’t have that same aggressive stroke so I think that was the key.

Q. What was the difference?
Louise Stahle: Definitely the putting. I had a couple of bad drivers so it’s really good for me, this learning experience. Having a good round and then trying to pull it off. I am just learning about myself out there and I will definitely take something away from this.

Q. It might be more advantageous for you going into the weekend a couple of shots behind the leaders?
Louise Stahle: I am just going to try and be a little bit more aggressive with the putts over the next two days. That’s what I did the first day. There is a lot more golf to be played. I am definitely going for it.

Q. The conditions were still ideal?
Louise Stahle: Yes, perfect. The greens were perfect. It’s a funny game!