Becky Brewerton 65-69=134 (-10)

How well did you hit the ball today compared to yesterday?

Not quite as well. I missed a few greens but my short game is really, really good at the moment. I chipped in again for eagle on nine. I was just short of the green, so those little shots around the greens; I missed quite a few by just a couple of yards. I was playing really, really well. My putting was pretty solid so the short game got me through. I probably actually played better on the back nine than I did on the front nine but I shot three under on the front nine. It just works out a bit strange sometimes.

How did you play the back nine?

I parred every hole on the back nine and didn’t have any bogeys but birdied the second. I was literally a couple of feet short of the green in two and hit a nice chip up to a foot so it was just a tap-in. It was nice to have that because the wind was just from the opposite direction today so a lot of the holes played more tricky. The second was actually downwind which meant that you could actually get up. You can’t normally get up on that hole so it was good.

Do you think it was a tougher day?

I think with the wind direction it is today, yes, definitely. A lot of the par fours on the long holes normally play downwind but today they were into the wind so they were pretty tough. It was just a shame actually because it was pretty still yesterday morning and it’s probably going to be a constant breeze today.

Sarah Heath 70-67=137 (-7)

What about that round?

I played really well today and I had so much confidence it was brilliant.

What have you been up to leading into this?

It’s been a long time coming but I’ve been working really hard with a psychologist, technical coach and fitness guy. I think the biggest thing that has changed has been the psychology. I’m a lot stronger mentally and the stuff I’ve been working on with Danielle Bryant, she’s very, very good. I think that’s helped.
It’s been coming together and today it all clicked really. Yesterday I hit it really, really well too, just really solid.

Are your coaches based at the Belfry?

No. She is based up at Edinburgh University, but it is through Ben who I work with at The Belfry. He knows her as she also tutors for the PGA. And then there’s my coach David Fulcher who is at the Belfry. I think everything seems to have come together. I’d been playing well but then nothing happened.

How were the conditions?

A little bit warm and sweaty. There was a nice breeze. The greens are good.

How many events have you played this season?

This is my third this season because I got a conditional card at Tour School. I’ve been playing on the SAS Masters Tour, the Swedish Tour, and I’ve been playing well. I’ve had a third and an eighth position. I’m 12th on the order of merit, so it’s been good to keep playing. That’s a big thing. If you keep playing in between when you do get a start you’re ready to go.

How is the standard?

It’s good. I think it’s got a lot better now. I’m just enjoying it.

Where do you live now?

I’ve moved down south and I’m living in Reading now so I’m attached to a different golf course: Bearwood Lakes, and that’s been a big change as well, I guess. They’ve got great facilities down there so it’s good.