Radim Kovács, Head of Communication, Sberbank CZ and Robert Klotz, General Manager, Sberbank Golf Masters and Goram company

Sberbank CZ, a member of the third largest European banking group, has become the new title sponsor of the Ladies European Tour event in Pilsen. Sberbank Golf Masters will be played July 25th – July 27th, 2014, with a 250,000 Euro prize fund, as a top Czech golf event for the fourth straight year.

“We cherish this unique opportunity to be a part of a top-class professional golf event, which is settled very well in the Czech Republic, finding more and more fans every year. We believe a popularity of the women´s golf will grow at the same speed as the position of our bank within the Czech financial market. Sberbank CZ and golf fans alike wish the Ladies European Tour event at Pilsen to be a big step in Czech golf´s road, leading to the Olympic Games participation,“ said Radim Kovács, Head of the Communication, Sberbank CZ.

Robert Klotz, general manager of the promoting Goram company, added: “The Ladies European Tour event, celebrating its fourth year in Czech Republic and second year in Pilsen, has got a very strong and prestigious partner through Sberbank CZ. We believe it is a reward for growing quality of the game itself and for the event as well. We would like to thank Sberbank CZ for a deep faith in our event. Our mutual partnership will contribute to the further success of the tournament and will also help to promote very progressive bank brand within both Czech and European market.”

Sberbank CZ (former Volksbank CZ until February 2013) operates within the Czech market since 1993, as a joint-stock company since 1997. It has a majority owner – Sberbank Europe AG – with its one and only shareholder, Sberbank Rusko (Bank of Russia). Sberbank CZ is a commercial bank with a broad range financial product offer and services for both private and corporate clients. Sberbank CZ is a holder of the “most client affable bank” title of 2013.