The 2012 Aberdeen Asset Management Ladies Scottish Open tournament champion on haggis, the Highlands and whisky, among other things! 

Carly with her trophy at Archerfield in 2012

Where are you born and where is it exactly in the country?

I was born in Perth hospital and my family home is in Comrie, both of which are in Perthshire.

Tell us more about where you were born

It is a very scenic, beautiful place with open countryside.  It is very close to Gleneagles Golf Course, near to the Highland Spring factory and several whisky distilleries!

What is the best thing about your country?

The golf courses!

Give some examples of the traditions from your home town/area that you like or love doing.

One small pub and a spa, drinking Iron Bru and I love haggis!

What is your favourite place in Scotland and why?

Loch Lomond, is my favourite place it is very tranquil and beautiful.

Name some typical food and drinks from your area that you love.

Scotland is known for Haggis, which I love.  Iron Bru the flavoured drink is also a made in Scotland and a real favourite.  I am also partial to Mackies ice cream.

If you like cooking, what typical food from your country do you like to cook?

Traditional Scottish fare is not the healthiest food and I have to keep it healthy so my diet is quite limited.

Be our travel guide… what places would you recommend us to visit in your country and things to do? 

You should definitely go and explore St Andrews, the town and of course the Golf Course.  Edinburgh Castle is great to visit and I would recommend a driving tour of the Highlands also try to fit in a visit to the Isle of Skye.

When you are not on tour and you are not preparing for any tournament. What’s your typical weekend? 

Catching up with friends, going to the gym and shopping.

Which is the most popular sport in your country?

Football is the most popular sport like the rest of the UK.  Though golf is very popular too.

What about golf and women’s golf?

Scotland loves its golf and is very proud of their history in the game.  There are lots of female golfers playing the game across the whole of Scotland, long may it continue.

What are your favourite sports and teams that you support? Do you attend any games? 

Liverpool FC!  If I have time in my schedule I would love to go but if not I am happy to watch on TV.

Who is your favourite celebrity/personality/idol from your country that you are really proud of and why?

Emily Sande is Scottish and I love her music; it’s great to have young talent coming out of my home country.

Who is your favourite golf player from your country? And sportsmen/women? 

Paul Lawrie is my favourite golfer and Andy Murray has got to be the most exciting Scottish sporting hero at present.

What do you miss from home when you travel?

My mum’s cooking.

Is there something unusual from your country that you could explain to us?

Haggis! It is something you tend not to explain or you put people off!