Schaeffer – in tied-third

Jade Schaeffer R2 72 (-2)
Q. Are you pleased with your round, Jade?
Schaeffer: Yes, today was good. My driving was a little bit bad and I didn’t hit the fairways. My putting is not so bad and I played very well today to get four birdies. Today the par fives were very bad.

Q. Did you have to fight more than yesterday? Did you struggle?
Schaeffer: No, no. Today was good. I had to fight. I think it’s my strategy – It’s my frirst year here and I want to play good.

Q. What about the weekend – do you have a target in mind?
Schaeffer: I have no special goals.

Q. Are you happy with position?
Schaeffer. Yes, because I have a good time for tomorrow. Not too early!

Q. Are you doing better than you thought you might?
Schaeffer: My objective is not the position, it’s the score. I want to have a good feeling. Yesterday and today have been good, regulation. One step at a time.

Carolina Hedwall R2 72 (-2)
(This press conference was conducted with the help of a translator)
Q. What does it feel like to play on your home course?
Hedwall: It’s always nice when the members come and watch me play.

Q. Is it true that if you weren’t a golfer you would like to be a journalist?
Hedwall: Yes I like to write.

Q. Do you want to be like us?
Hedwall: We’ll see (laughter).

Q. Can you win?
Hedwall: It’s difficult to say. I don’t know how the other big stars have played. I have played well. This is a very high level for me. I’m not saying that I’m playing the best I can but I’m playing well. I want to get a bit closer to the pins.

Q. Who do you want to play with?
Hedwall: Nikki Garrett would be good to play with. I would like to play with Annika as well.

Q. You were 11th here last year, weren’t you?
Hedwall: If I finish top ten I will be very pleased because I will have beaten last year’s finish.

Q. Will you turn pro?
Hedwall: I want to go to college and then we’ll see what happens. I’ve got a couple of schools interested in me but we don’t sign up until November.