Dewi-Claire Schreefel

How do you rate your round?
It was very different from yesterday. I only hit 10 greens today, so my chipping and putting was good, which kept me going. Every opportunity I had, I took it.

Saved par on 18 and had a long putt on 17. How did you make the rest of the birdies?
I hit it in from the bunker on my first hole and then I almost hit it in the hole on hole three so that was another birdie. I made my bogey, I went over the green on the par-five fifth. I needed two chips to get on the green. On the eighth, the par three, I made about a five-footer. On 11 I hit a really good shot in and had about an eight-footer for birdie. 17 was a long putt.

Have you been in this position before?
I won in the States and I’ve been in contention a few times, so, that was a different level but still it’s professionally and I played well as an amateur. I’ve been in contention before but I should say it’s the first time on the LET.

Of course. It’s always a nice feeling. That’s where you want to be and why you play golf: to compete.

How are you on the greens?
I like the greens and I read them well. If I give myself enough opportunities and enough rolls at the hole, you’re always going to make a few. You’ve got to stay patient, especially because they’re so big. You’re going to have a lot of putts from different angles with a lot of slopes. Sometimes two putts is a good thing and when you get a birdie chance you’ve got to go for it.

How do you reckon your judgement was today?
It was good. I just didn’t hit the ball well today, so that’s why I missed a few greens. Overall I had a good club selection. Yesterday I hit the ball better so I hit more greens. I’m feeling comfortable with what I need to do.

What is your approach for the final day?
We’ll see. I’m just going to play one shot at a time tomorrow and we’ll see what it brings. I’m happy to be in this position.

How do you summarise your day?
It was up and down. I didn’t hit the ball very well and only ten greens. My chipping was good so I had a lot of pars and every time I had an opportunity I made a putt for birdie. It’s a different way to make four-under, but I’m happy I did.
The first hole I was in the bunker and made my bunker shot. Third hole, I almost had a hole-in-one, it was this much (gestures). On eight, I hit it about eight feet, uphill putt in the hole. 11: about ten feet and 17 about 18 feet.

You have played a lot on the Duramed Futures Tour. How is the competition level compared to the European Tour?
I would say its rated Futures Tour, LET, LPGA, so the level of play, the courses, the organisation, it’s all just a little less but the level is very wide so this year every tournament, the winner was in double figures under par. It’s not like you can win with even par: you need to make your birdies to win. The level has gone up a lot since a lot of women professionals want to play golf. It’s good competition but it’s just one step under.

You finished 16th in Sanya, so can you talk about your aim for this week?
Since I play in America I haven’t played that many tournaments in Europe. I’m down in the ranking so the goal of me playing in Asia is that I need to earn enough money to get in the top 80 and keep my card. I always go for my best play of the week. If it brings me a win, I’m happy. If it brings me fifth, I’m happy with fifth. I just want to play my best and whatever result that is: I take it.

Just to keep your card?
That’s the main goal but if I’m going to bump into whatever else, I’ll take it. If tomorrow’s a great day and I win, it’s going to get me I don’t know where on the money list. I have to play at least six tournaments and I have to make enough money to make my card. In this position right now, of course I want to win, but, you know.

Can you talk about your bogey?
Hole-number five is a par-five. The pin is at the back and it slopes down so I landed my ball to far, it hit the slope and rolled over the green. The first chip was bad so I still wasn’t on the green so made another chip and then a putt for a bogey.

This is your first time in China, so how do you feel about it?
It’s my second week in China and it’s an experience. You get used to how things work, the food, the language, but it’s nice. It’s different than the Western culture, but it’s good.

Culture shock?
No. I think it would be more of a culture shock if you came to China by yourself and didn’t go to a golf course. At the golf course and with everybody on the LET, it’s very familiar so it’s more comfortable that way, but if I was on a holiday in China by myself, yes. People are very helpful so it makes it easier.

Do you feel women’s golf gets unfair treatment compared to men’s golf?
It’s an easy answer: yes. We earn less; there is less interest from media, from spectators, everything in general. I hope that in however many years its going to be equal but people like to see guys hit the ball far and just the way they look.

But you are beautiful!
Thank you, but I guess that’s the way it is. Hopefully it will change. In tennis it took a long time and its better now but we’ll see. I’m not sure exactly why.

Do you feel you can win?
I have confidence in my game. You never know if it’s going to be enough. If someone shoots 10 under, I can’t do anything about that. I just want to play my game and hopefully that will be enough to win. I have confidence on the greens, I hit the ball well, chipping, you know.

Christel Boeljon

How do you summarise your round?
The front nine, I only made one birdie and I should have made five or six, because I was playing pretty well. The back nine, I don’t know if I lost my focus but I was not as sharp as the front nine. I made a silly bogey on 16, hit my driver left in the water and made bogey, but I guess I regained my focus later and made two birdies so that felt good.

Do you have confidence for the final round?
Yeah. I’ll be on the range a little bit but I know what I’m doing and it should be fine for tomorrow.

How well so you know Dewi?
We know each other well and we are good friends. If we play together in the last group it will be fun.

Are you surprised to see the Dutch at the top of the leader board?
No, not really. Dewi is a really good player and she’s been over in the States so no-one really knows her yet. She’s great player and a great person. We’ve played a lot of amateur golf together and we both went to college at the same time so I’ve seen her around a lot.

Marjet van der Graaff

How do you feel about today’s game?
Yesterday was a terrible score for me: four-over, but I was striking it well. The putting was terrible. I tried to do the same today but hole more putts and I putted a bit easier. That’s what I did. I hit my driver really solid and that makes it easier because I have short irons in. I had six birdies and a bogey on the last, but I’m really happy today with my game. I moved up a lot of spots which was the goal.

How did you play?
I play a little game for myself: every three holes I have to make one birdie and I almost did that during the round. I started off well with two birdies the first three holes, which makes it easier, but I did it last week as well and it didn’t work out. I think I played solid the whole 18 holes.

Which hole do you feel is the most difficult?
I’m not a big fan of the holes where you have to drive over the water but I did well the last two days, so no problem.

How do you feel about the grain here?
Yesterday on every hole I thought about the grain but today I thought more about the speed and the up-hillers are slow and the downhillers are fast. I didn’t watch a lot of grain today.