ABN AMRO Ladies Open, Eindhovensche Golf, the Netherlands.
Saturday 7th June 2008

Gwladys Nocera (France) 67-65 (-12)

Gwladys, another great day. Can you give us your thoughts on the day please?
My plan was to start steady and play good right from the beginning and that’s what happened. I had a good warm up on the range and when I got on the course I just told myself to play aggressive and just go for it. I started on the back nine and made a few birdies so it was good. I just told myself to keep going and try to beat my own record or get close to it.

How will you feel if you enter tomorrow with a lead of a few shots?
I will have a good afternoon and a nice sleep tonight. Regarding the way I am playing I think I can win this tournament. Now I have to play tomorrow and see what happens.

What will you do to prepare for the final round?
I’ll do what I do usually. I have the afternoon free and I’ll practise a bit and perhaps go shopping just to relax a bit and do something else.

How is this course playing compared to last year?
I think it’s playing a little bit longer because it has been raining but otherwise pretty much the same.

Do you think you’re position is similar to last year?
It’s hard to tell. We will see tonight.

Do you plan to do things the same as last year?
It’s the way I’m playing. If someone plays better there is nothing I can do about it. It’s just sport. You have to play good enough to be able to win. I’m not going to change anything. I have to play my game. If I play my game I know I have a lot of chances to win.

Were the conditions any different to yesterday?
It was more windy today and raining just a little bit. I guess it’s more humid so the ball is not flying that well. Other than that it is perfect to play golf: not too hot.

Have you a figure in mind for tomorrow?
No figure, never. I just try to do my best.

During the round you said you had a course record on your mind. Was that a goal?
When I started to play well, of course you have things like that in your mind. Last year I shot eight-under on the first round and I just thought, “Maybe I could shoot nine; that would be nice.”

Is there enough competition here for you?
Of course because I’m not winning every week!

I mean, in this tournament?
It’s not over. A lot of girls still haven’t played yet so you never know. Tomorrow is the same. I know a lot of players can shoot low scores so I just have to stay focused on my own game and they will try to catch me I guess.

Melissa Reid (England) 68-68 (-8)

Melissa, you are only four shots behind Gwladys and second on the leader board. Do you think you can win this tournament?
Definitely. I played pretty well today. I hit the ball good but no putts dropped for me on the back nine which was a bit disappointing. Hopefully they will drop tomorrow. Gwladys is four in front and she knows how to win so I’ve got to do some chasing. I’m really looking forward to the challenge; it will be good.

When was the last time you put yourself in this position?
I’ve not really put myself in contention for a long time. I think the last time I was in contention was in Australia, which was a few months ago now. It’s nice; it’s a good feeling and hopefully we can shoot a low one tomorrow.

What is your main motivation to play well?
Basically I wake up every morning and train because I want to be the best that I can be. I do want to win majors and I do want to be the best player in the world. That’s really what motivates me: being the best player that I can be.

With your exemption, you have to remain within the top 20 on the New Star Money List to be exempt for the next tournament. Does that drive you further?
Yes, obviously it does. I’ve got to play well pretty much every week to stay in the top 20 so I’ve got to be on the ball all the time which I haven’t been the last couple of weeks and now my head’s pretty clear.

Do you feel any additional pressure from having to stay inside the top 20?
Not really. I think that I put quite a bit of pressure on myself and that’s really the only pressure that I take on. I don’t really tend to listen to other pressures around me. I know obviously that there are pressures on me but I really put pressure on myself.

Four shots behind, what is your game plan?
Pretty much play the way I have and hopefully some putts will drop. I’ve been hitting the ball good and on the back I hit some pretty close but didn’t convert. I’ll do the same game plan. Me and Brian have been working well together the last few days and hopefully we can shoot a low one.

Do you feel like you actually have a chance?
Yes, definitely. Its four shots which is nothing. I know Gwladys and I have great respect for the girl. She knows how to win and its just going to be a really good experience for me tomorrow. I would love to get one on her but if she shoots low I’ve got to shoot four lower so it’s me to catch her.

Lisa Holm Sorensen (Denmark) 72-65 (-7)

What are your thoughts on the day?
On the par fives on the back nine, which I think are birdie holes, I had to chip it out and had woods in but I was struggling on the last few holes. I made three birdies on the front nine and one bogey. I had a roll on the back nine.

What was the key?
My putting, definitely. I had 23 putts and I kind of trusted it. I started to knock them to the back of the hole and that worked for me.

How pleased are you with your season to date?
I’ve been working very hard on my mental game and had a lot of things to think about. I’ve been playing well even though I missed the last three cuts. Now it’s starting to come together.

Who do you work with?
Two guys called Nicolaj Statager and Ebbe Sand: they call themselves “The Achievers”. One (Ebbe Sand) is a former national player on the football team so he has a lot of experience with adrenaline.

Do you feel you can win this week?
I think Gwladys is playing well. Of course I’m going to go for it but I’m just focusing on keeping myself in this position right now. I think she will have to make mistakes not me having to make five birdies against five pars. I will go for it but that’s not what I’m thinking about really. She’s too good.

Kirsty S Taylor (England) 71-67 (-6)

What made the difference today?
I got rid of the new putter and put the old one back in. I was trying a new one out and didn’t hole anything so I thought I’d get my old trusty one out again and it worked. It was my Tiffany, it’s still a Yes! putter but I got a Sandy last week.
I played well, just steady. I only missed four greens and 28 putts so I can’t grumble.

What is the story with your knee?
I’m not sure to be honest! I’ve got to get a scan at some point. There’s a bit of a hole in my knee cap and the plates might be splitting but we’re not too sure at the moment so I’m just trying to get through the next three weeks.

Is it painful?
After the round, it is very painful. Today it was hurting a lot across the top but I’ve got quite a high pain threshold so I’m just getting through it to be honest with you.
At the moment we’ve strapped it at the bottom to stop a tendon overworking there and it’s doing the job. It’s not as painful as it was before. I fell over on concrete in Turkey. I was outside the pro shop trying to take my bag off my power caddie. It was so painful. It’s been three weeks now and I’m just trying to get though the next three weeks. It’s holding up. Adam’s doing a great job of holding it together at the moment so we will just keep going. Beware the injured golfer they say!