Amy Yang (South Korea)

68-65, were you pleased with the way you played today?

I am so pleased.

You had two eagles during your round. Was it your putting or short game that was the best?

Kind of everything was working well: short game, putting was working well. I hit a few missed shots but they were safe missed shots so I was keeping out of trouble.

How did you make your eagle on hole seven?

I was lucky. It bounced in.

This is quite a tough links course, isn’t it?

Yes. For two days we’ve had really nice weather so that’s made it a little easier.

You had a nasty scare in Evian.

I was so tired that night and sleeping really well. I heard some sounds like fireworks outside. It happened so suddenly and it was scary.

Did you have to jump out of a window?

Yes. Once I smelled the smoke it was really strong so I wanted to jump out without thinking about anything but my dad was just hanging on and brought the mattress out. He threw it out the window and we had to jump out from there.

That must have been scary.

You smell the smoke but you don’t feel it.

Are you confident heading into the weekend?

I feel normal. I’m trying to be comfortable with myself.

Katherine Hull (Australia)

Four under today. Are you happy with that?

Yes, really happy. No bogeys so that’s always a good day when that happens. I guess I needed to make a few more birdies to keep up with Amy.

It was pretty breezy out there, wasn’t it?

The breeze was pretty constant all day. A lot more than yesterday. The temperature has started to drop now but they are still great conditions for golf.

Was it a grind?

It wasn’t too bad. You’ve got to pay a bit more attention when it is breezy. You’ve either got to hold it or take less club. You’ve just got to pay more attention.

You were undecided about clubs a few times, weren’t you?

If I’m in between clubs sometimes you try and hit it hard or take extra club and hit it a little easier. There were moments out there. It’s part of what happens out there.

Is it difficult to read the greens?

The greens definitely get a little slower this late in the day. Obviously the grass has a chance to grow a bit more. In terms of reading them, they’re pretty true out here so you just pick a line and hopefully get the right speed.

Are you looking forward to the weekend?

Yes. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s nice to be in contention, post two good scores and I think it will be fun out here come Saturday, Sunday.

Ashleigh Simon (South Africa)

You must be pleased with the way you played today.

I was happy. Today I just plodded along. I didn’t hit it as well as yesterday but I am getting the job done down the stretch so I’m pretty happy.

You were five under yesterday, two under today. What was the difference in the conditions?

The wind definitely picked up today. I think the difference was I didn’t play the par 5s as well. I didn’t birdie one of them. I hit my drives in the wrong spots. There was only one drop so it was pretty solid golf and I hit most greens so I’m pretty happy with today.

How are you finding links golf over here?

It’s different. I don’t play it often, about once a year, but I enjoy this course. I played last week at Royal Lytham and this is a bit more open, more forgiving. You’ve got to take your bounces. You can get some good bounces and bad bounces; you’ve just got to accept it. You can’t get cross with yourself.

How are you enjoying Wales?

We have great weather, which is wonderful. I am not used to the cold weather being a South African so I’m glad the sun has come out and I’m enjoying the time. There’s not much to do but it’s good.

If the wind gets up, it affects the scores a lot, doesn’t it?

Definitely. That’s how links golf courses are built. If the wind doesn’t blow you can get up to the par 5s and it becomes pretty easy but today just showed, the wind blew a little bit and it was definitely a little tougher than yesterday.

How do you think seven-under will sit?

I don’t think I’ll be leading but I’m sure I’ll be about two or three behind which is fine going into the weekend. Two days to go.

Jade Schaeffer (France)

How pleased are you with your second round?

I’m happy with this round and yesterday was very good. I’ve played well for one month or more and I’m so happy because it’s confirmed my win. I had a very good result at the British Open and now I’m a little bit tired. This course is a little bit more simple than last week because it’s so hard, Lytham. There are so many bunkers. Here is a little bit easier for me. I’m so happy because I didn’t hit the driver very well but it’s fine. It’s a great course and a very good challenge.

What are your thoughts on the course?

This course is up and down and the par 5s are a little bit short. I am happy because they are very accessible.

Do you feel you can win here?

I hope I have a chance. It’s a long time not being ahead after the second round. I am happy because it’s the first time since the German Open. All of the players will play well this week and I’ll take my chance, maybe, yes.

What is the strategy heading into the weekend?

The same. For me, it’s always attack. I do the same thing every day. I like it.