Carlota Ciganda (Spain)

You had a great back nine. What was the difference between that and the front nine?
I started well but didn’t get many in on the front nine. I was putting really well and then I had a bogey because I had three putts. I made a par on the tenth and then I started with all my birdies. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I played really well, very good shots. My putts were incredible. I made seven birdies and two pars on the back nine: I’m very happy.

Can you run through the clubs you hit on your birdie holes on the back nine?
On the 11th hole, the par five, I hit a very good drive and a five-wood. I went to the green and made two putts from six metres. Then on the 12th hole I shot a great driver again. I hit a 58 club to three metres and made the putt. On the par five I hit a good driver and then a seven iron into the bunker. I hit it to two metres. On the par-three 14th I hit 6-iron because the pin was at the back. I putted from six metres. On the 15th a very good driver, I approached very well and a one metre long putt. On the 16th hole, the par three, I hit an eight-iron and I went to the left on the front of the green. Then I made two putts really well from 20 metres. On the 17th I hit a good driver again and then a pitch to seven metres. Then on the 18th I hit a good driver and then a six iron. I was little bit on the right but I made two putts from eight metres. The putting was the best thing.

How far do you hit the ball?
I hit it very long and today I hit very straight so it was very helpful for me. If you play a good driver you have an approach from 80 to 100 metres so it’s easier to make birdies.

What is your average driving distance?
I think 250 metres, sometimes 260 metres.

What will you study in America?
I think something related with economics but I don’t know.

Why did you decide to go to America?
I’m going to the States because I think it’s the best place to study and play golf. In Spain it’s difficult.

After that will you turn professional?
I want to enjoy this summer and then go to the States and play in all the tournaments. I think I will turn pro but I don’t think about that.

Will you keep the same golf coach at home, Rogelio Echeverria at Ulzama GC?
I will come home in the summer and in December at Christmas.

What is your handicap now?

How many times have you played in the Junior Solheim Cup and the Junior Ryder Cup?
Two times in each.

What are your proudest golfing achievements?
One is the 2004 Individual European Ladies’ Amateur Championship at my home club Ulzama because it was in front of my family and everybody. Last year I won the British Amateur and these were the tournaments that made me the most happy.

Did Ana Larraneta ever teach you?
I’ve known her since I was little but we have never really played together and Ana has never taught me.

When did you first play golf?
When I was five.

Why golf?
Because my family played golf and I was playing with my father. All of my family is very sporty and I chose golf because the golf course is near my house.

What is your lowest round in a tournament?
I had a 64 in the Catalonia Ladies Masters and a 65 in the European at my home course.

Who are your heroes in golf?
I like Tiger and I like Sergio because I think he is a great player. In girls’ I think Annika is the best. Now Lorena Ochoa is playing incredible but I think Annika is great. In Spain, I think Paula Marti is a great player and all of them are. The level is very high.

Why did you choose Arizona State?
I chose it because of the weather. Where I live in Spain is really cold in the winter and I prefer to practise in the sun. My friend Azahara Munoz is there and she is going to help me. I think the team and the facilities are very good. I think it’s the best one.

Maria Verchenova (Russia)

How was your round today?
It was really good.

What were you expecting?
On the practise range I was hitting it well and had a good ball flight so I thought it might be good.

Were you disappointed that you bogeyed your last hole?
I pushed the first ball and had a bad lie so I was happy to make a bogey there.

Were you ever helped with your golf by anyone like Ouliana Rotmistrova was with the Faldo Series, playing in Russia?
No. I wasn’t in the Russian team at the same time. All of this job is me and my dad.

How can we find out about golf in Russia?
Golf in Russia is so small at the moment. We have a few golf clubs but they are only open to members. It’s tough to get to play.

How many golf clubs are there in Russia now?
I’m not sure about in Russia but in Moscow we have four golf clubs and three of them are 18 holes. Moscow City where I play is nine holes.

Louise Stahle (Sweden)

What are your goals this year?
I feel like I’m starting to play better and posting scores, some good results. I found that coming from the amateur scene took a while. I think I had expectations to play better sooner but it’s taken two years at least. To just enjoy it, you know. A win would be nice but I’m trying not to push it too much. Everybody is always asking but you have to be patient. It’s tough out here so you have to be lucky and you have to have a good week.

How were you feeling after last week?
It was a bit like last year when I was in Portugal and came really close. I was a bit disappointed but I didn’t play that well on the last nine to win. That’s it. You have to put yourself in position and then you have to play well the last day because it’s tough out there. I feel like this year I’m a little calmer and I’m trying to take the positives out of everything. I think that’s probably why I’ve been playing well these last couple of weeks. I have a better temper.

Do you see a sports psychologist?
No. I’ve always felt like I’ve been good mentally. It’s just keeping really focused and patience sometimes. Everything around you too: if you are happy in your life, things are going smoothly and you have a good home base it’s easier to play.

Rebecca Hudson (England)

What was the key today?
I actually holed some putts which was nice. I’ve been playing well for the last couple of weeks and have holed nothing. Ever since everyone said I was such a good putter I’ve holed absolutely nothing so I holed a couple of ten footers which was nice. Just fairways and greens: good all round.

Where did you hole those?
Hole 12 was probably about 8 foot, 13 about 10 foot, 15 was about 12 foot across the green so a nice one, the first was only six foot, eight was eight foot. I three-putted the seventh because I went up the slope. I’m just pleased I’ve holed the putts after playing so well.