HypoVereinsbank Ladies German Open, presented by Audi
Golfpark Gut Häusern, Munich, Germany
Friday 30th May 2008
Second round interviews

Lora Fairclough

You started well with three birdies in a row. What got you going?
I’m just trying to do the same swing thoughts that I’ve got. I’m just hitting every shot as I take it and find it and what will be after that will be. I’ve hit some bad shots but I’m keeping my head and that’s what it’s all about.

How did you make the birdies?
The first hole was an absolute monster. I don’t think I’ve sunk a putt in a long time as long as that. It was about 20 yards so a long putt. I was in the bunker off the tee and knocked it out of the bunker and sunk the putt so I was pleased with that. The next one was a bit more normal. I just hit a little nine-iron in to about eight feet.

The third is a par five…
Five iron on the green and two putts. At the tenth I hit a little soft wedge in to about 10 feet and knocked that in. I’ve just got up and down on 15, knocked it in the water in 16 off the tee and knocked a five-iron in and sunk about a 13-footer for my par. Then I hit a good shot in… it was unbelievable how the wind got up then on the 17th. I hit my second shot in and the wind just took it through the green. It was a horrible lie, not a bad chip and then sunk about a seven footer for a par. I’ve just scrambled a bit for the last few holes but I’m happy.

What are your feelings about coming in off the course for the weather delay?
I like my life too much to stay out there!
Does it feel like a long time since you last won the German Open?
Oh yes, it was ten years ago. I’ve done alright but I’ve just not had the quality of golf to go with my mind set. With all the will in the world I can put myself in good situations but if you’ve not got the goods to go with it, it’s never going to happen so I’m striving to get the basics better.

Do you feel that you lost something along the way in your golf?
It went downhill gradually and possibly without me even being aware of it.

From when?
When I turned pro in ’91 I was really lucky and my career went dreamily really, up until about 2001. I didn’t enjoy playing in America and I think that unsettled me a bit. I went in ’97 to begin with then I went back again which was a mistake really because you need to be playing good golf to be over there. Things just weren’t right. I wasn’t happy with certain things in my life and it was just one of those periods. I’ve not really recovered since then golf wise. My mental attitude is a lot better now but golf, I’m working on it. Even moving down south, I’ve lived in the same village for 38 years and that was a really hard thing to do. I don’t think I stopped crying for the first week! It’s nice but I miss everyone so much, it’s really hard.

Veronica Zorzi 67, 68 (-9)

Veronica 67, 68 is a good start. Is this according to plan?
Yes. It’s a good start and now there are two more days. I’m happy with how I played.

How was the course playing today?
The wind was different than yesterday but still a good golf course.

Does a different wind direction require a different strategy?
Yes, sometimes, especially on some holes. You need to use your mind.

What was your strategy today?
I’m just enjoying it and keeping going and playing well.

Was your ball striking as good as in the past?
I’ve just come back two years ago and I’m enjoying it. I’m still happy when I’m on the golf course and I’m more relaxed so it’s easier to hit a good shot. Last year was a little bit hard for me but now I know that I am playing well. The shots are consistent and I feel that my swing is good so I’m happy.

How do you find the greens?
The greens are not so easy. You have to take the right choice. I like this golf course so it’s good.

Marta Prieto 67, 69 (-8)

Marta, a lovely start. Are you satisfied?
Yes, very much.

The wind direction was very different?
It was actually the opposite and it was also not as much but on the other hand the pins were a little bit tougher. The course is in amazing condition so it’s very enjoyable to play.

We hear that the course is a little short and you are coming in with short irons therefore you have a lot of birdie chances. Is that true?
It is true but it’s also a narrow course. You have to be on the fairway. Sometimes you have a choice. You either hit a wood or a short iron to make sure you are on the fairway. If you go for it with a driver you are taking a risk but on the other hand you have a very short iron to go for the birdie.

Your legs – these socks look like a fashion statement.
They are actually compression socks. Everyone thinks they are a fashion statement but just because its compression socks they have to be long like this otherwise they wouldn’t make any sense. Since I have to wear them I make them look nice.

Is there a reason for you having to wear them?
No. It’s just like you see a lot of athletes wear them like basketball players and marathon runners. It just helps your return circulation. It makes you less tired so it will work for everyone.

Were you happy with today’s round?
I played well; the same as yesterday. All the putts that didn’t go in today went in yesterday so I didn’t make that many putts today but I still didn’t miss anything strange. I made a good putt 15. All pars, three birdies.

How do you find the heat?
It’s very hot. I mean I’m from Spain but I’m waiting for a huge storm because I don’t think this is normal here in Germany. It’s like a sauna. In Spain it’s a lot colder right now but for me its fine.

Michelle Wie 68, 69 (-7)

Are you happy with your round?
It was really frustrating today. Like yesterday I didn’t take advantage of the par fives. I felt like my drives were a lot more solid today and I’m starting to feel a lot more confident over the shots now. Hopefully I can shoot lower scores tomorrow.

What did you think about the weather delay?
Well I was like, “If they just hold it off for two more minutes we’d be out of here and I’d be in my bed right now but the weather is the weather. It’s dangerous to be out there in the lightning and I think they made a really good call. It was crazy. It was amazing how cold it got.

Do you think you might have rolled the birdie putt in at the last had it been dry?
You never know. Hopefully a lot more putts will drop in tomorrow.

You started with a bogey. Were you happy with the way you came back?
Definitely. I was really patient with myself. It was a little frustrating in the beginning with really no score. I had a lot of chances to make a lot of putts but they didn’t drop in. I felt like in the middle of my round I really pulled it together. I played solidly today. I felt like I hit the ball and played better golf than I did yesterday so hopefully I can do that tomorrow and the day after.

What do you have going through your mind in those two hours off?
I was just really hungry so I ate some food and just relaxed.

After two rounds, can you say if it was worth coming to Europe for this event?
Oh yes, definitely. It’s just so much fun. I mean it’s so beautiful here and the players are so much fun. I’m having a lot of fun playing so it’s definitely worth the long hours to get here.

Becky Brewerton 69, 68 (-7)

How were the conditions this morning?
Perfect. It’s absolutely boiling and really muggy and that was the only thing. It was really hot so you had to make sure you drank loads of water. It was perfect; there wasn’t any wind and the course was playing as easy as it’s going to play I guess.

What was the secret to your round?
I was a bit in and out with my putting. I did have a lot of chances but you don’t expect to make them all. The greens are very tricky to read and I think my caddie is doing a better job of reading them than I am. I’m just letting him do it. The greens I think are the feature of this course because they are really undulating and there are a lot of subtle breaks. You really have got to be on the ball because its easy to miss them.

Have you employed a new caddie this year?
Andy (Dearden) started at the beginning of the year and it’s been brilliant. We match up really well and he’s a good character. I think he’s one of the best caddies so it’s perfect for me.

How are you feeling about your season so far?
I’ve had a terrible start to the season. I missed the cut in my first event in Spain and I have just really struggled actually for the first three weeks. It’s started coming back now and I feel I’m getting back into the swing of things. My swing feels a lot better and more solid and so I guess I have got back into competition mode.

Martina Eberl (quick comments after the weather delay)

Questions in German with comments in English.
I’m happy with today. I still have one putt left but it’s been good. I left about three to four putts out there and that gives me more confidence for tomorrow because everything is possible out there.

How long was the last putt?
I really don’t know. I just ran there and marked it and I think it’s about four metres.

Question regarding the driving distance between Michelle Wie and Martina Eberl’s …
I just said that it’s no wonder because she is huge. She is one metre 85. I’m just 1.64m and she has a pretty big back and a good technique as well. I know that she is long but I think to compete with the guys you have to hit the ball about 100 metres further than we do so I’m still a little bit surprised that she tries to compete with the guys. If she hits it well she is about 30 metres longer. I still give her a lot of credit. She hits the ball really well and it’s very impressive. I give her a lot of credit.

A question about how playing with Michelle helps Martina.
I got asked how it was to play in the top group with the good players. I said it’s always special if you play with good players to push you. If they play well, if they hit it close to the flag, you get urged. It’s always an advantage having good players with you.

Question regarding leader boards.
I don’t look at score boards. I don’t know what the scores are and I’m not interested anyway. I know what my score is now but I didn’t know it before like in Madrid. In Madrid I didn’t know anything either so it’s always like that. If I play well I never know what my score is so it’s weird. It’s good though!