Yani Tseng


A round of 67. You are on top of the leader board.


It very exciting to be on top again. I know Jiyai is three shots back and I know she is going to finish strong. I played very solid today. I made more putts than yesterday. My driving was very good and so were the second shots.


Do you feel you are playing as well as last year?


Yes. I feel I know the course. My strategy is much better than last year.


Your swing looks fantastic. It is much more fluid than last year.


I have changed my swing. It is much better on the plane. My backswing isn’t as sharp as last year. I have been working with my new coach, Gary Gilchrist.


Where is he from?




Is he here this week?


No. He’ll be coming to the Kraft.


Are you hitting it further?


Not really. Straighter.


How was the course playing today?


It was raining on and off this morning. When I was putting it was raining. It was very tough. I needed to be very focused. I had to be very patient too.


There was not much wind today. Would the wind make the course harder?


For sure. But I think today was more difficult than yesterday. It was pretty windy in the morning for a couple of holes. Some of the par fives I can reach but not into the wind.


Was your attitude better today?


Yesterday I was thinking too much on my putting. Today I just let it go. I saw the line and told myself not to move my head.


What are your goals for 2011?


I want to be world No. 1. I was trying last year but I could not get there. This year I think I have a very good chance.


Where do you think your game will develop with Mr Gilchrist?


I still want my putting improved. The consistency is very important for me. Sometimes I have low scores and sometimes I have high scores. I really want to be consistent.


There is no tape on your elbow today..


It is too late. It was hurting a little bit this morning. It was probably because of the cold. It is much better now. I just need ice.


No dramas?




It seems that you and Jiyai will go head-to-head this year.


I think so. She is always on top and very consistent. I never expect she is going to miss any shot. That’s how she is. She is a great player. Always smiling because she is making lots of birdies. I can learn a lot of things from her. I think she is a very good player and good for golf too.


What can she learn from you?


Maybe to hit further. But I can’t hit it straighter. She is always in the middle of the fairway.


Are you good mates?


Yes, we are good friends from the amateur days.


Where did you first meet?


I think in 2003 when we played the Queen Sirikit Cup. She was in the national team of Korea and I played for Taiwan. We met a lot in the Asia-Pacific.


You said you were friends. Do you go you to dinner together?


Sometimes we do. But on the golf course everyone trains different ways. We are always travelling. You can’t get together all the time.


How old were you when you got your LPGA card?


I was 18.


What do you think about Alexis Thompson only getting six starts on the LPGA this year?


Is she fully exempt this year?


No. She is only 15.


I don’t know if it is going to be too much pressure for her. It could be either very good or very bad. Last year she played very good. She got good experience. She’ll be no rookie when she is 18.


Did you feel like a rookie at 18?


Yes, for sure. I felt I did not know anything. I came out and played with the best golfers in the world. I was nervous. She is doing that at 15.


Your victory here last year set up a good season for you. Is that what you are trying to do again?


That’s for sure. If I win this week, I will be perfect all year.




Eun-Hee Ji



How long have you been in Australia?


One month.


Have you played here before?


No, just this week.


Have you spent the month practising?


Yes, with Ian Triggs.


In Queensland?




Last year was not a great year for you. Do you feel it coming together now?


Last year I did not feel really good with my swing. I changed my swing.


What is different about your swing?


Before I changed I always hit a fade. Now I can play a draw as well.


Are you working with Ian Triggs full-time?




How long have you been working with him?


Just one year.


Did you hear about him through Karrie?


Yes. I like Karrie.


When you look back in 10 years time, will you see 2010 as a rebuilding year?


Yes. I changed my swing…I’m getting more distance.


Do you think you can get back the form that won you the US Open?


I’ll try.


What is the strongest part of your game?


Putting. I am working on my short game with him and getting better.