Gwladys Nocera, France 66 62=128 (-16)

A 62 in these conditions was great. It was much tougher today, wasn’t it?
Yes. It was more windy and cold so it was kind of hard at the beginning to get fit.

What was the key?
I putted really well. I wasn’t too far from the pin but I pretty much made everything.

Did you think you could shoot that today?
Yes! I always go on the course to shoot as well as I can.

Did you work on your irons yesterday?
Yes. I went to the range and I hit a few balls and a few drives because I didn’t hit it really well yesterday. I putted a little bit which obviously helped.

What was the difference in the play?
Not much. A few more putts dropped and I was closer to the pin today.

How badly do you want to win the New Star Money List?
Bad! I am going to give my best and we will see what happens. There are a few tournaments left to go. Winning the New Star Money List would be big for me because that was my goal at the beginning of the season but as long as I give my best I will take whatever comes.

Do you want it windy tomorrow?
Yes, wind is good.

Paula Marti, Spain 64 66=130 (-14)

What can you tell us about your round?
It was really cold today, especially in the morning. I am just playing really good. Off the tee I am hitting almost every fairway and I made a couple of long putts today which were key in these conditions. The course is playing so much longer than yesterday that the par fives are not reachable any more. My third shots were good on the par fives so I still made birdies. I made a good save on the last even though I hit a perfect shot to the green, I just pitched it like one metre past the hole and the green is getting so hard because of the wind so the ball is going into the bunker. I made a good up and down. That was good.

Have you felt this coming for a while?
I’ve been playing really good. I have been playing really well this year and last year and I mean as long as you keep practicing and believing in yourself, one day it is going to come. I just needed to put everything together. It is working very well so far so hopefully I will keep doing the same thing for the weekend.

Do you like the course?
I like it, yes. The greens are unbelievable. They are so good. You can tell that the course is new because of the grass but I love the golf course. What can I say? I’m 14-under!

What are your ambitions for your career?
After giving birth you really take things easily. You really put everything in a balance. Before, if I had a round of 74 I was miserable all day and now it doesn’t really matter to me. My son is waiting for me on the 18th and it gives me a smile. I’m just trying to relax and enjoy what I’m doing and that’s it. I think that is the key. If you don’t enjoy your work why do you do it? I’m so far away from my son that I might as well enjoy it otherwise I’m not going to travel anymore.

Do you want to stay in Europe?
Yes, so far, yes. You never know in the future what is going to happen but so far I just want to stay close to home, close to my family, and hopefully become a better player in Europe as I was at one stage and hopefully to reach that number one again.

Is The Solheim Cup a goal?
Of course. It is like a dream, to play in The Solheim Cup and represent Europe, represent your country. Of course if I keep playing like this, they are silly not to make me on the team! (Laughs). Hopefully I will get my spot and won’t need an invite or a pick.

You played evenly compared to yesterday – why?
I stayed focused and played really good on the par fives. I made some long putts on the par threes. I didn’t make any mistakes. I missed two greens and made up and downs so that was the key. There are some tricky holes on this golf course where you really need to hit the fairway otherwise you are going to be in big trouble. You need to really concentrate on those tees. So far I have been playing those holes really well. I have been aggressive on some holes and on some I haven’t.

Is a 66 today as good as a 64 yesterday?
Oh yes, I think so. It is getting really cold out there. They said that it is going to rain later on so.

You hope for rain later on?
I don’t wish for bad things for other people but you know, I’m done for today.

Felicity Johnson, England 62 70=132 (-12)

How was your round today?
It was alright. I hit the ball closer but just didn’t hole anything. If you had said to me that I’d be 12-under after two days at the start of the week I would have taken it.

What were the highlights?
I eagled hole 7. I hit 8-iron to 15 foot and knocked that in. I had a bad tee shot on the ninth. The wind has picked up a lot now; it’s probably a two club wind. I just didn’t commit to the five iron I hit and played a good chip but missed the eight footer for par.

What about the back nine?
I dropped a couple of pointless shots at the start of the back nine. I bogeyed 13, hit a poor second shot and put myself on the top tier and the flag was at the bottom. I birdied the next. I pulled my drive into the water on 15 and made bogey out of that. I got up and down for birdie on 16 and then hit a seven iron pin high and birdied 17 also. I’ve hit the ball closer but didn’t really hole anything. I hit two good shots into the first and second holes, but made pars. I hit punches into the wind with mid irons, which was when I got frustrated. I’m happy with the day all in all.

Helen Alfredsson, Sweden 73 77=151 (+7)

Bad luck today but how do you sum up the last two days of the tournament?
I’m very disappointed to come home and play this bad. It is nice to see that some of the top players are playing well and there are some great scores so it is great for people to be able to see a lot of birdies. I’m happy for them but I’m very disappointed.

What now?
I am spending some time here. I am going to spend some time with my mother and then I am going over to the States next Thursday.

Are you coming to Dubai?
I might play Dubai, I haven’t decided. It is such a big schedule up until then. You never know.

If you are still leading the New Star Money List, would that entice you back?
If I see that I have a chance to win it then of course I would go there.