Veronica Zorzi (Italy)

What are your thoughts on carding three eagles in a round?

Unbelievable. It’s never happened before.

Best round on the tour?

I shot eight under in Australia some years ago in 2005. This is the second time.

What was the focus today?

This morning I was a little bit nervous so I said to myself, “Just concentrate on your target and play to your target.” That’s it.

Were you hitting the ball well on the range this morning?

Not really but maybe I was relaxed. I was talking well with my caddie, well with Trish. It was nice company today which makes the day easier.

It’s been three years since your last win. What would it mean to go on to win here?

It’s always nice to be in that position. It means that you’ve worked well and put in a good performance. I also played well in the last three tournaments. I think if you play well something has to happen, so I just wait.

Last year you didn’t have the results of previous years. Why was that?

This year I had some problems with my shoulder so I didn’t play a lot. Right now it’s pretty good so I feel positive. They said maybe I need an operation so I take it day by day. At the moment it’s working well so we’ll see.

A great score, but you managed two bogeys!

Yes. Number one and 16. The first hole I was just at the front of the green but made three. At the other one I went into the bunker and made a good shot but missed the putt.

Emma Cabrera-Bello (Spain)

A 67 puts you right up there. Do you feel you can go low?

I think there’s a good chance. On this course you can go very low. That’s going to be the whole thing tomorrow. The one that shoots less will win because even those three or four shots away can go six or seven under and they have a big chance. It’s not only about Veronica Zorzi and me.

Do you take any inspiration from your brother’s win?

I think it makes it more real that I can win. We’re just so happy that he won and all in that good feeling wave that it reflects in our golf.

He hasn’t passed on the secret, has he? Can you shoot 60 here?

You never know. He tells me shot by shot, stick to your routine and if it’s your day to shoot 60 it will come. You don’t force a 60, it just happens shot by shot.

Will you be relaxed tomorrow?

I will probably be nervous because it’s a big tournament and the final group. I will stick to my routine and that’s going to be key tomorrow.

Is it your first time in the last group?

On the last day, yes.

Azahara Muñoz (Spain)

A round of 68 puts you into contention in only your first tournament as a pro. How does it feel to be in this position?

It feels great. I am loving being here with all the best players and having a good week so hopefully I can go out there tomorrow and play like today.

What was the best part of your game today?

I made a couple of good putts. All day yesterday I was hitting good putts but none of them went in. I was putting really good today and I played better than yesterday. Yesterday I didn’t hit the ball too well but today was much better.

What is your ambition as a professional? Will you go to LET Q-School?

I’m going to go to LET Q School. Hopefully I can get both cards so I can play on both tours. I would love to play on the European Tour as well.

How far is Lorena Ochoa a role model for you?

I like Lorena because she is a Spanish speaker and I like her personality. She is a really good girl and she helps people and is nice to everyone. I like that. I got invited to play the Kraft Nabisco this year and I was hitting balls on the range and she came over and introduced herself. I was like, “Wow.” That’s not that normal so that was nice.

What events have you played in the States?

I played the Nabisco and US Open and that was it. I finished like tied for 40th at both. I lost in the finals of the US Amateur and both of the finalists receive invitations.

What do you feel you can do here in Madrid?

I don’t like to set up goals. I just want to go out there and enjoy myself. I have nothing to lose so I will try to play my best.