Anne-Lise Caudal (France)

How did today’s round compare to yesterday’s?

Today there was more wind so the course was more difficult. I played better yesterday so that was the difference.

How will you approach tomorrow?
Just play my game shot after shot and I will see if I can make some birdies. I don’t want to think about a score. I don’t like that.

Do you feel the thrill of going into the last round in contention?

You have some experience of being in contention now. Do you think that will help you?
Yes, maybe, with the stress and the conditions when you play in the last group. I think that will help me.

Will you be nervous?
No, I’m not nervous. Maybe tomorrow but for the moment, no.

Were the pin positions more tricky today?
It was not more difficult, it was just the wind changed the course.

Will you change the strategy?
It is the same strategy every day. When you play the practise round you make a strategy and keep going with it all week.

What was your strategy here?
The first shot and then on the green.

What were your stats?
Today three bunkers, 28 putts and 14 greens. I don’t remember anything more.

I saw you having dinner with Nocera last night. You are good friends?
Yes. We are sharing a room this week and last week.

Does she give you any advice?
She helps me all the time. Maybe tonight she will speak with me and say “You are the leader, tomorrow don’t be nervous, just keep going and play your game.”

Is she like a psychologist?

Louise Stahle (Sweden)

You seem to enjoy playing in Portugal.
I know, yes. It’s my second time here in Portugal. Last year was my first time in Portugal ever. I really enjoyed that event and that course and this one seems to be similar. I like it here. The weather is perfect and the course is set up well for me.

Have you ever practised in Portugal?
I have my base is Scottsdale, Arizona in the U.S, so that’s kind of my winter time.

You are used to the heat?
I think so. It’s hot and you have to drink a lot. I managed to get around four or five litres down yesterday. You just have to stay focused and not let any dehydration cost you shots.

How has your game improved since last year?
Experience. I’ve been a pro for over two years and it took a time to get an adjustment. I think every top finish is helping me to improve towards the next one. I think I am just enjoying playing now because I had a wrist injury and I had to sit out a few months in the spring. I’m excited to play; I’m excited to be back in Europe.

Do you feel ready to win?
It’s going to be tough. It’s a pretty tight field and I think a low score tomorrow is going to be needed. I’ll do my best and see if it’s good enough.
I played three events. I played some and I was in Australia as well .I haven’t had that many events compared to other girls this year but I’m looking forward to playing and feel good.

Which wrist did you hurt?
The left one. I had an MRI and they found I had a little cyst. I got treatment in the US but I had to sit out in Deutsche Bank and I was looking forward to that event but couldn’t play.

Any surgery?
Not yet, it’s doing alright. I have a good caddie this week, Richard, its Maria Boden’s partner. He’s a good friend and he’s really helping me keep my cool and focus.

How do you remember last year?
I feel motivated because last year I played my best. Sophie Giquel played well on the last round. It was tight but she managed to get some birdies in the end and I felt that she won it. I had that feeling so I wasn’t too sad and I was quite happy with my second place.

How were your feeling coming back here?
Most of the time I feel I play well where I’ve been before. It was the same in Australia at the ANZ Masters. I had three years in a row there were I had success. I think the good vibes are good for me. I think most players think that way. You just have the comfort factor.

Georgina Simpson (England)

How do you feel about your round?
With eight birdies I’m quite happy. It’s nice to start scoring again because I haven’t been scoring for a few weeks.

What turned it round?
This week really. I was looking into it a bit too much and not letting it happen out there. This week we’re on holiday almost because it feels as though we’re not working on anything. It’s just nice to go out there and play. I feel like I’m teeing it up in the monthly medal and its working so far. That’s the only difference really.

I read your blog and it says that you enjoy practicing here in the Algarve.
Yes, I do. One of my sponsors Special Steel is a member here at Quinta de Cima and we always play here so it’s been beneficial. I’ve played it twice with him. I actually thought it was going to be on the opposite course but when I got here I realised that it was on Quinta de Cima. I played here in either January or March with Alan Beardshaw. He’s a member of Vila Sol as well. He likes to play at both. He sponsors quite a few of the boys in Yorkshire.

You write on your blog that your favourite place in the world is Julia’s bar.
We haven’t been this week. I’d like to go. I’ve told the girls that haven’t been to Vale de Lobo before that we’ll have to go. It’s all my favourite restaurants and Julia’s bar is fantastic. It’s right on the front, a mile and a half from the plaza.

Barrington’s is the hotel?
Yes, where Elisabeth (Esterl) and Graham (Stewart) are. For 12 years I’ve been coming to Vale do Lobo. The last time, I met Graham when I played in England Internationals and stuff. We used to practise at Barrington’s as an England amateur. I’ve come back and liked it so much. We played the Junior Telegraph at San Lorenzo and stayed in Vale do Lobo as well. I’ve had connections with Vale do Lobo for years so it’s lovely to be back again. There’s a range and a great putting green. There’s Vila Sol nearby as well and I used that more to practise. Vila Sol is really where I practise but Barrington’s so that was nice. We played a charity pro am there on Tuesday as well at Vale do Lobo on the Ocean course. It’s beautiful. It feels like a holiday.

Have you been injured this year?
I had a neck injury in Australia and had to pull out of the ANZ. It was because of an air conditioning unit. I’d forgotten to turn it off. It was right over my bed. I’ve been told by the physio that when you lie in one position all night and the air hits the same place all night you’re muscles go into spasm. As soon as you use them they go into spasm because they’re cold. I’m fine now though, fit and healthy and raring to go. Although I did tear some fibres in my shoulder last night getting some bags out of the car.

Do you have a caddie?
Yes, my cousin Russell Simpson. He enjoys it out here as well. Seven years on Tour has taught me that it’s fantastic to have your own caddie and very beneficial to you. It’s nice to be scoring again. I’ve been going crazy over the last couple of weeks. I’ve played no differently to the last couple of weeks and when the putts don’t drop and you get bad bounces, it’s just nice to be scoring and having some luck on the ball and run on the greens. You just step back and go and play and enjoy and I have over the last couple of days so it’s been good.

What’s the story with the blog?
It’s on my website. I used to write for a magazine, Lady Golfer, every month. I stopped doing that and everybody close by to me said you’re not writing any more. My new manager got me a website and there was an option to have a blog so now wherever I go people can log on and see what I’m doing. I haven’t had much access to the internet this week but normally I’m on there twice a week.

Diana Luna (Italy)

What is the secret to your success here?
Yesterday I played very good golf and had lots of shots very close to the pin. It was easier. I had 27 putts which is not incredible for minus eight so I just played very good golf. Today I was struggling a little bit more. I hit a lot of greens but was not very close to the pins. I did cope quite well with the bad shots.

How much would you like to win tomorrow?
A lot. I think that’s normal that everybody wants to win. It’s nice to be here and come back after a little while.

Have you ever been here on holiday?
No. Just to play on the tour. I love this place. On the Tuesday I said this is a beautiful place and I love to play in warm weather. It’s hot and dry so it’s my natural habitat I think. The first time I came here was to play Qualifying School. We don’t get many holidays in the summer; our holidays are to be at home actually!

How do you find the course?
I like this course and the conditions are great so I am enjoying this week of golf very much.

When was the last time you were in the hunt?
The last time I was really in the hunt, I don’t know. I was second in Spain but I was not really in the hunt for first place because the other girl was so far ahead.
I like to be under pressure very much and I would like to be in this situation every week. I am enjoying it
This is a course where you can have so many birdies. Yesterday I had minus eight but was not leading. It doesn’t depend on only yourself but also on the others. You are just happy if you have a good round and try to win.