Martina Eberl (Germany) 65-71=136 (-8)

Could you talk me though your round today?
I was still driving the ball really well, which is great on this course. Putts didn’t drop like yesterday so that is the reason why my score is six more shots. I was a little bit more happy with my ball striking today but I’m glad that we have finished now because the wind is picking up.

How did you birdie hole 18?
Standard, basically. It played really short today, down wind and I just had a rescue 4 into the green. I played smart, played on the left side of the green and two putted from there.

What are your hopes for the weekend?
I hope that we can play! I really don’t have any expectations because I’m not really happy with how I played but my goal is to stay patient and keep going. I just want to do well again.

Becky Brewerton (Wales) 66-71=137 (-7)
It was a bit of a tougher day today. There were quite tough conditions out there and I hit the rough quite a lot on the front nine so I was struggling a little. I was very pleased to come back from a bad position, from making double bogey on four to finishing one under for the day I think was a very good come back.

They all seemed to be going right early on?
There were a couple out to the right. I don’t think its anything major because I was hitting it so well yesterday but I’m going to hit a few balls on the range and I’m sure it will be sorted out within ten minutes.

An excellent round given the conditions.
Yes. The wind got up on the back nine and it ended up being very similar to what it was yesterday. For some reason I find the back nine a little bit easier than the front. I played well coming in, made a couple of good up and downs on the back nine to keep at par and then managed to have a good finish so I’ll take that today. I’m very happy with that.

What a difference a year makes. A year ago, a Miss Brewerton was rather more low key.
I think last year the pressures of trying to make The Solheim Cup team really took their toll on me. I did feel mentally and physically just shattered by the time I got here and this year I had a week off before this tournament. I didn’t play in Sweden and I think it has made a difference. I learnt my lesson last year: you can’t play too many tournaments in a row and expect to keep playing well.

You did go on and star in The Solheim Cup last year.
Yes. It was funny really because up until that event I had been playing terrible and even the week before in Denmark I missed the cut as well. For some reason that week it seemed to come back and click again. I was happy to come back in the end and have a good performance there.

Tomorrow hopefully you’ll be just one shot off the lead.
Yes. I think it will be quite tough this afternoon for anyone to shoot a very low score. I would imagine that would lead at the end of the day and that’s the perfect position going into the weekend.

Lisa Hall (England) 70-67=137 (-7)

Your first victory was in Wales. How much is this a special place for you?
I played my first ever golf in Wales in Abersoch, North Wales.

What can you remember of your first win?
In a lot of ways it does seem like a lifetime ago. In 12 years a lot happens in that time, but I still remember my first win in Europe.

How far would you agree that you are a better player now?
I would hope so otherwise all of the work is for nothing! I certainly have a lot more experience since then.

What was the secret?
I hit a lot of good shots. We didn’t have any wind early on so it was good but then the wind got up on the back nine which makes the last few holes difficult playing into the wind. I hit a lot of good shots and made a couple of nice putts. I took advantage on a couple of par fives.

Could you talk me through your birdies?
At the tenth I hit it close and I hit a little seven-iron. At the 16th, I hit a good shot up there also. I hit it to about three feet so those were two easy birdies. At the 18th I hit it onto the green in two with two good shots. At the third I hit it just short and chipped up. The sixth, the par five, I holed a nice 20 footer there. On eight I hit a good shot playing into the wind and made a six-footer there. I just missed the green on the last.

All in all are you happy with the way you played?
To be honest I’ve been struggling with my game so it was nice over the last couple of days to start hitting some good shots. It seems like a while since I’ve done that.

When was the last time you did play as you liked?
In Ireland I hit some good shots but it’s been a struggle really for most of the year, especially over the last few weeks so it’s nice to hit some shots the way I want. I take more pleasure in that than perhaps the score sometimes.

Henrietta Zuel 66-71=137 (-7)

Can you talk me through your day?
I made quite a few good putts today and also missed quite a few. I was a short on a couple and had a three putt so it was good and bad. I missed a few more greens too but chipping was good and I made the putts where I needed to.

Are you happy with the position you are in at the moment?
Yes, definitely. I’m just one shot back and we played in bad weather. I didn’t play that great so I was just steady.

What were the conditions like?
I don’t know if there was any rain this morning but it got pretty wet out there on the eighth. I mean it was the afternoon so you expect it and I got good weather yesterday.