Becky Brewerton (Wales) 66-69=135 (-9)

Becky a great start. Three under on your front nine. The back nine, which was the front nine on the card, how difficult was that in the conditions?

It was very difficult. The wind really makes this course an awful lot different. Putting was really tough because you’ve got the grain and then the wind was so strong you have to allow for that. When they were going against each other it was hard to tell which would be the stronger one. The putting was very difficult and it was tough out there all the way around.

Now you are playing with a lot of confidence and you look very relaxed as well. You must be enjoying your form, are you?

Yes, definitely. You have to enjoy it when you’re playing well. I’ve been on a really good run. I think it started with winning the Spanish. Everything seems to have gone well and you’ve got to make the most of it while you’re playing well.

Are you happy to be in this position? Are you enjoying the challenge of the weekend and being in the lead?

Yes, definitely. I’ve looked back at quite a few tournaments this year on how my results were the year before and I finished I think level par here last year so to be nine under after two rounds is an awful lot better. I’m feeling good in this position; I’ve been in it quite a few times now this year so it would be nice to go on and convert another one to a win.

Are you still affiliated to Desert Springs in Spain?

I have a house there but not sponsored by them.

Are the conditions here similar?

Not really. The greens there aren’t grainy. They are quite slopey and it’s a typical Spanish course. It’s not really like this. It’s very tight and there are all sorts of desert off the sides of the fairways. It’s a good one to practise on because when you go anywhere else it feels an awful lot easier.

Why do you think you play so well in Spain?

I don’t know. I just feel really comfortable. I was saying to Paula (Marti) today while I was playing with her that I really love it at Desert Springs, I love playing in the tournaments over here. I could almost see myself moving to Spain one day. I enjoy the people, the pace of life, the food, the wine; everything about it. I think one thing I am definitely going to try and do is learn a bit more Spanish this winter and get quite good at it. I love all the tournaments here because they are run so well and you’ve got the same people looking after all the events in some way. It’s nice to see friendly faces.

How did you make your birdies?

At 11, I managed to get on in two today. The wind was helping so it made a massive difference. Normally you can’t get anywhere near that one. I hit a great second shot and I was quite surprised it got up there and was on the green so I had a two put birdie. On 14 I chipped in; I just missed the green on the left edge and that probably left me an easier shot than if I’d been on the green because it was a three tier green and really hard to get on to the top level. I thought when I got over it that I fancied it because it was quite straight forward into the grain. It went in so that was nice. On 18 I was just right of the green in two and had quite a simple chip. I was into the grain, so I left myself a tap-in for birdie. On the first I hit a great third shot into the green and had a nine-iron from about 120 yards. I knocked it to literally a foot, so that was a nice one without taking too much out of myself.

Beatriz Recari (Spain) 68-70=138 (-6)

Beatriz a great move in the right direction and a very impressive back nine with all those pars. Very tough conditions out there.

Yes, definitely. It was tougher than yesterday. It was much windier and on the back nine we were feeling it a little bit more. I had some good two-putts on several holes on the back nine so I saved pars and at the end I missed two birdie putts but overall I’m very happy with my game and I’m moving some places up.

With all the travel of late to America and back, are you surprised you’re playing so well?

No. I think I did a great preparation. I tried to catch up as much as I could with my jet lag. I was feeling good, relaxed. I’ve been doing good work at the gym to try to feel better. As the days go by I feel better and better physically. I’m enjoying it a lot out there.

Your last event was a win in Finland and here you are playing well. You must be excited about the weekend?

Yes. I’m very excited, especially since it’s a four round tournament so I still have two more rounds to go. It’s a lot of holes and a lot can happen so I’m looking forward to it.