Second round leader quotes from the UniCredit Ladies German Open, presented by Audi

Linda Wessberg (Sweden)

A round of eight under, 64. You must be very happy.
I’m very happy. I made a lot of putts but I also put it pretty close so it wasn’t just a lucky round. It was really good play.

Tell us about the conditions out there because they weren’t easy today.
I’m wearing six layers on top, so it was very cold. It was four degrees, I think. The rain yesterday was worse than today because it was drizzling and swirling around and today it was raining straight down. It wasn’t that bad but it was cold.

How is the course holding up in general?
Pretty good, actually. The greens are very good. They were holding and I’m pretty sure they will be good this afternoon too but we don’t need any more rain.

Do you speak German?
I took German in school but we don’t want to go there.

It’s wet, it’s cold, so perfect conditions for you.
Well, this is what I was brought up in, pretty much: cold weather, right on the coast, rainy and windy, so this is my weather, I guess.

What was perfect to play such a round of golf?
I hit 17 greens and 26 putts. I putted well and pretty close too so it wasn’t just a lucky round, when you make a lot of long putts. I put it up close and had a lot of chances.

You’ve won three tournaments. How important would another one be?
You come to a tournament and you want to win every week but I don’t want to look that far ahead. It’s a new day tomorrow and I want to take one day at a time.

A great round.
Finally! In Turkey I played really well but couldn’t make a putt. Today I don’t want to say was any difference but I hit 17 greens and that helps.

Melissa Reid (England)

You waited for so long for your first win, last week in Belek, Turkey. Can you do the same this week?
Yeah, it obviously gave me a lot of confidence winning last week so I came into this week knowing the course pretty well. This is my third year here so I always enjoy playing here and now I feel like I’ve put myself in position for the weekend.

What was the key today?
Surprisingly I didn’t feel like I was hitting it as well as I would have liked. I was hitting it really well yesterday on the range so I didn’t quite take it onto the course but I knocked four close and then just holed two or three really good putts.

What do you have to play to win this tournament?
I think you’ve still got to go low. This is far from finished and I think you are going to have to shoot low. Linda is playing well and Christel played great the last two days so this is anybody’s still. Two good low scores would be nice.

What was the difference between the two days?
Yesterday it was a bit tougher. I felt that with the wind and the rain it was really cold and I felt that I left a lot out there. Today I hit four really close shots within six feet on the first five holes. I didn’t put myself in any trouble. I think I hit every single green in regulation and played steady.

You’re on a good run: last week a win and now second.
I’ve put myself in a great position for the weekend. Winning last week has given me a new found confidence: the confidence I used to have as an amateur where I used to turn up to tournaments and win without playing my best. It’s a nice feeling and I’m still on cloud nine so I’m lucky enough to have taken my golf into this week as well.

You have a new caddie. Is there a special influence?
Big Lee is a good boy. I’ve known him ever since I turned pro. With me and Paul parting at the end of last year I decided to give him a go and I think he did quite well last week by winning. I think he’s pretty much hired at least for this year. We get on well so it’s nice.

Lee-Anne Pace (South Africa)

How did you cope with the weather?
You get used to it. This morning it was really cold but after you get settled in and you start walking you get into it.

Was there a special shot you were satisfied with?
On 14! It was quite a long shot, 160 metres into a bit of a breeze. I hit it to a tap in so I was very happy with that one.

Tell us something about yourself.
I’m from South Africa; I live in Mossel Bay and play a lot of golf there, where it’s nice and warm. I’m 29 years old, fourth year on the tour and loving it. Actually it’s a lot warmer in South Africa now and it’s supposed to be winter, than it is here.

What do you think about the weekend: can you get to the top of the leader board?
I’m certainly wanting to but I’m just going to take it easy and see where it takes me over the next couple of days. I hope the putts fall.

What can be better?
I played pretty well. I’m hitting all the fairways and greens. Just maybe a couple of putts to drop and I’ll be right up there.

Caroline Masson (Germany)

Happy birthday. You must be very pleased with the way you played today.
I am absolutely. I made my only bogey on the ninth, my last hole, but still, it was a good round. I played solid and hit many greens and made some good putts. I missed some on the back nine but it was a solid round.

Do you feel you can improve from here?
I think you can always improve but for the weekend I’m just relaxed and we’ll see what happens. I’m going to play good rounds of golf. I just want to play well for myself and we’ll see what happens.

Your boyfriend is your caddie. How does that work?
Perfectly! He was my caddie at Q School so that worked as well. We get along well. He plays well and is a national player himself. He can help me especially on the greens. Just talking about it makes you feel better. It helps a lot and I feel good on the course.

How much of a help was the American college system?
Well you have really good practise facilities; at least I had. I had one coach, Alan Bratton, that was a very good amateur player himself and he played with Tiger in college. He could tell me so much about golf and things besides golf so it was really good practise and you could meet people who know about golf.
He just helps me not really with the swing but about his experiences. It’s a good competition over there and a very good learning experience. For me one year was enough. There were some other things that I didn’t like about the States.

You must be confident.
I’m confident but I’m not saying I’m going to win or anything. I have no idea what the other players are going to do. It’s just my third tournament. I can shoot low. I just go out and play golf and it works out well. I’m in a good position.
I feel at home. All the players are so nice and helpful so I don’t feel left out. I know a lot of players from amateur golf. I feel good. I don’t feel lonely or anything. I feel nice and of course if you play well it’s always a little easier to get respect from the other players of course. It feels good.

What are you going to do to celebrate?
I will go to the players party tonight and they gave me something, maybe it’s an AUDI R8! I can party maybe next week when I’m at home. This week is just important.