Emma Zackrisson, Sweden (-10)

How pleased were you with the way you played today?
I’m very pleased and happy it went the same way as it went yesterday.

You only had one bogey.
It was very solid and nothing really happened.

Could you talk us through your birdies?
I started on 11 with a really short birdie from 40 cm so that got me going. I didn’t make that many birdies until 18 and I had a two-putt for birdie. Then I made a nice putt on one for birdie. I had two birdies in a row on four and five so that was really nice.

You played well on the par fives.
I hit the ball pretty far and I managed to hit the greens so I’ve had a few two putts for birdie and that makes it easier.

Does it feel like in Spain?
I’m very relaxed and I’m enjoying myself so that’s the key. It feels good. I wasn’t here last year but I was here the previous two years and I like it a lot. It’s in great condition and is nice to play.

Karen Lunn, Australia (-8)

Could you talk us through the day?
It was a funny old day. I played quite nicely early on and made a couple of bad swings on 13 and 14 and lost my ball on 13 and made a double. I came back with an eagle so it was good. I lipped out on the last two holes as well so it was a funny old day. I can’t get my head around it yet. I didn’t play as well as I have been playing but there was some good and some bad.

How did you make your eagle on 15?
I hit a really good drive and then a rescue to about 10 feet.

You are only two away from the lead at the moment. How do you feel about your position?
It’s a nice position to be in and any time you have a chance to contend over the weekend is what you work so hard for. It will be good. I haven’t been up there much lately but I’m looking forward to it.
It’s quite funny because at the British Open Helen Alfredsson came up to me and she is like, “Come on, you can do it! If I can do it, you can do it!” I guess she has been an inspiration to us oldies, the way she has come back and played as well as she has this year. It’s good to see. Obviously that gives you heart. She and Vijay Singh are playing well and they are older than me so maybe there are still a couple of years left in me yet.

Anja Monke (-7)

How satisfied were you with your play today?
I just played birdie on the first and bogey on the fifth so I was level for today. Then I birdied eight and 12 and then no more bogey no more birdie.
It was alright. I didn’t hit the irons as good as I hit them yesterday. I was a little further away from the flag. I had a few putts which were just getting around the edge. Yesterday they probably would have dropped and today they didn’t.

The weather changed a lot in the afternoon. How did that affect you?
I can feel a little pressure on my hat because it’s a little thundery in the air and I think we will have a thunder storm tonight. It wasn’t as sunny as yesterday and I liked that more of course! We stayed dry so it was fine.

Laura Davies, England (-6)

How pleased were you with five-under-par today?
I played really well today. I hit 17 greens in regulation. I messed up on 17 again. I’ve played that hole badly this week so far. Other than that I never looked like dropping one.

What did you do on 17?
I hit it left in the rough and only just got it pin high left but still in the long stuff and hacked it on the green and nearly three putted for a double it was a good five in the end.

You are four shots off the lead going into the weekend. How do you feel?
It’s a shame because I missed two really good chances on eight and nine. That would have been lovely to finish just two behind but four behind with two round to go is not the end of the world.