Florentyna Parker (England) 71 66 = 137 (-7)

Florentyna, how do you feel you played?
I played very consistent: I hit the fairways, hit the greens and made important putts. I played really solid.

Were you expecting this kind of score?
No, not at all. Yesterday after my first few holes I thought ‘I’m not going to get through the round’, I played so badly, but I recovered well and the last six holes yesterday I shot three under and I continued with that today.

You’ve got your cousin Ella here caddying for you: how do you feel she is doing?
Great! She is good and we’re a good team so hopefully we’ll continue the same way.

At the beginning of the week you seemed pretty confident. Would you agree?
I’ve not been playing very well. I’ve not been on form yet, so hopefully I’ll find it tomorrow and go a bit lower.

You’re from a really golf mad family. Can you tell everyone about the golfers in your family?
My father is a professional who is also my coach; my brother is a playing professional and myself; my mother who sometimes caddies isn’t a golfer at all so it seems to help me when I have non-golfers on my bag.

What would it mean to earn your first professional title here?
I haven’t really thought about that. I’ll just see how I play tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll play as well as I did today and I’ll have a chance. I just hope I play well.

You first played on the LET aged 13. How has that helped you?
I played two events when I was 13: Portugal and Ireland and those were my best finishes last year on Tour so it was quite funny. It helped me but also I was still an amateur and so young and I think it’s a bit different.

Have you ever led before?
No, I don’t think so.

How will you feel tomorrow?
I’ll be fine!

Do you ever get intimidated by playing with big names in golf?
Luckily I played with Laura a couple weeks ago in Turkey so it’s quite nice that I’ve played with her before, so that will be good.

Who drives the ball longer?
Not me!

How did you get to play on tour when you were 13?
Invitations through Nick Faldo. I was part of the Faldo Series.

Are you going to be calm tomorrow?
I think the same as the last two days. I don’t think I should change anything.

Do you feel any nerves being in first position?
Not yet! I’ll be a bit nervous the first few holes but I think that’s normal. I just hope I have a nice start and play well.

Does it help having a non-golfer on your bag?
I never have good golfers on my bag and I think it works. I’m calm and relaxed and we talk a lot between shots. I think that’s the best way and when it’s my time to play I concentrate on that shot.

Do you like this course and does it suit your type of game?
I don’t really think so. It’s a long course and I’m not the longest hitter but I’m decent. I had a bit of luck on the course but I think everyone needs a bit of luck. I played very consistent and made some putts that gave me the lead.

You shot 32 on the second nine?
I started on the second nine.

Most players think the back nine is harder?
Oh no, I think the first nine are harder. I think the first nine are a bit more challenging and tighter. I prefer the back nine.

What were your goals at the start of the season?
I wanted a lot of top tens. I had two last year and I’ve already had two this year. I’m just hoping to be playing in the last few flights for a bit of contention.

You have already achieved your goal and now you will take the next step?
Well, we’ll see.

Virginie Lagoutte-Clement (France) 69 70= 139(-5)

Virginie, you’re the current tournament leader. How did you play today?
I played good but my driving, it’s very bad. I can play the second shots and I don’t miss the green and its okay.

You made an interesting par at the par five 18th hole. What happened?
I was in a bunker with the second shot and I think I have more stress. I made a top and I made one putt on the day: this one!

It was a great putt. You won in Holland in 2005 so what do you like about this country?
I don’t know. I love the courses in the Netherlands and I think the people are great and the course is great. I play not so bad!

You travel to the tournaments on the LET with your husband Sebastian and your daughter Victoria. How easy is it to compete and have a family at the same time?
It’s not very easy but, I don’t know, it’s very good for me with my husband and my daughter and it’s just logistics. It’s difficult to find a babysitter all the week but for the rest it’s very good.

What is your plan for the final round?
I don’t know, I don’t have a plan for tomorrow. I will do my best and we will see tomorrow.

Karen Lunn (Australia) 74 68=142(-2)

Congratulations on your hole in one today at the ninth hole. What can you tell us about it?
It was a perfect yardage for a six iron. I hit a really nice shot, a little draw, it landed a touch right of the pin, took a perfect bounce and I didn’t actually see it go in the hole because the pin was in the shade but obviously the reaction of the gallery told us it went in, so it was exciting.

How many have you had on tour?
On Tour I think this is my first one in a proper event. I’ve had one on the ALPG Tour in one of the Pro Ams this year at the beginning of the year but I think this is the first one I’ve had in an official LET event, so it’s pretty exciting.

You’ve won a watch worth €6000 courtesy of Omega. Will you be wearing it?
I’m sure. It’s a beautiful watch. I saw a picture of it as we walked off the tee so it’s always lovely to win something like this. I’ve always wanted an Omega watch to be honest so I guess I’ve got one now!

You had a fantastic round of 68 today as well. What was the key to it?
I drove it better. Yesterday I didn’t play particularly well, nor did I putt well, but today I drove it well and I holed some nice putts and you have to hit it straight round here and that’s what I did today. I was happy with the way I played today.

This puts you up in contention doesn’t it?
It does, but obviously you’ve got Laura that will tee off this afternoon so at the moment we’re up there but a lot could change depending on what the girls do this afternoon. I still think that you’re probably going to have to shoot ten under to win so I’ll still have to go low tomorrow but like I said, depending on what Laura and the girls that played well yesterday shoot, at the moment we’re in there but who knows what could happen.

You’re having a fantastic season. What do you attribute it to?
I’ve worked really hard the last couple of years on my swing. I think I’m swinging it a lot better, my short game’s a lot better and my attitude, I’ve been working on that as well, the mental side of it. I think it’s just getting all the bits together and I’m pretty happy. Things are going pretty well and I’ve just got to keep it up.