Stefania Croce, Italy 67, 68 (-9)

How does it feel to be leading the tournament?
I feel good. I am playing good golf, sinking some putts but I hope to play as well and putt as well over the next two days.

How did you get to six under after six holes?
I put the ball close on the first hole and sank the putt. Then I played to three feet on hole two and sank the putt, six feet on hole four and sank the putt and I chipped in on number five for eagle from 50 yards. On number six I sank a ten-footer and then I parred the rest.

What were you thinking after that?
Of course I got a little nervous but then on ten I put it close again so I got back into my rhythm. I missed a couple of shots so I made a couple of bogeys but I was still alright.

Nina Reis, Sweden 67, 69 (-8)

What can you tell us about your birdies?
I didn’t start good on the front nine. I was level par. On the back nine I started making some putts and hitting some shots so I think I made three birdies in a row on 14, 15 and 16 so that was good.
On 14 the crowd made a loud noise so I thought that maybe it was close to going in but it was like, just a foot away. On 15 it was about two metres (or six feet) and 16 was longer, like seven metres.

How pleased are you with your current form?
My form is still good. I feel like everything is bumping my way so I hope it stays like this.

Iben Tinning, Denmark 70, 69 (-5)

How did you make your hole in one?
What I could see was that it landed pin high but we couldn’t see anything. Some of the guys screamed that it was in the hole. It was a fantastic shot but we couldn’t see anything.

Have you had any others?
This is my fourth. I was so shocked because we couldn’t see it. It was nice. I’m very, very happy. At the Evian Masters I won the gold bar a few years ago.

Samantha Head, England 76, 66 (-2)

How did you improve so much overnight?
I didn’t play very well yesterday and after the round I slept for a couple of hours in the hotel here and then I hit some balls and worked on my game. It wasn’t for today, it was just for peace of mind and I just played better.

What are your hopes for the weekend?
I just play each day as it comes and I’m so full of clichés! I knew the greens would be quite bobbly this afternoon and the only thing you can do when there have been lots of people on the greens is just trust your stroke. I’m just going to do the same, trust myself and just enjoy it. That’s what I did today.
I’m starting to realise that it doesn’t really matter what preparation you put in, if it’s your day it’s your day and today it was.