BETHAN CUTLER: Thanks for joining us today, Annika. Realise it wasn’t the best day out there, a tough day at the office but if you can just give us a few thoughts on the round.
ANNIKA SORENSTAM: Yeah, you’re right, it was a tough day today. I just really don’t know what to say other than nothing really happened today. I thought I hit some good shots and just couldn’t really get anything going. I made a few mistakes, and it just added up. A very disappointing day, I must say.

Q. Your friend Tiger Woods came from behind and won this year’s Desert Classic; is it fair to say you’re going to have to do the same thing tomorrow?
ANNIKA SORENSTAM: Yeah, why not? I’ve done it before. I just have to come out tomorrow, be fresh and get off to a good start and get some good momentum. I always say that it’s never over until it’s over.
You know, I’m not giving up by any chance. I just walked off the course and disappointed, but I’ll be ready tomorrow.

Q. The putts just didn’t drop today; were you happy with your putting stroke, or was there some problem there which you want to fix?
ANNIKA SORENSTAM: You know, I think I putted exactly the same today as I did the previous days. It’s just golf. What can you say? It is what it is. I thought I hit a lot of good putts today. I’m happy with my stroke. They just didn’t go in.

Q. Is there any part of your game today that you were not happy with?
ANNIKA SORENSTAM: I hit a few bad iron shots, some approach shots. I was pretty much in between clubs all day and the previous two days, I just had good yardages and today just couldn’t find the range.
You know, I didn’t really feel like I did anything differently than yesterday. It’s just a game and you just have to bounce back and not look back, just go forward.

Q. Do you think the lack of activity is catching up to you?
ANNIKA SORENSTAM: I really don’t like to give excuses. I had a good night’s rest and I was ready to go today. I was in a great position. I feel good about being here. No, there’s nobody else than me to blame.

Q. Do you still have a cold?
ANNIKA SORENSTAM: I do, yeah, but again, it’s been here for a while. Just have to beat it and do the best I can.

Q. What do you think will be your overriding emotion standing on the first tee tomorrow?
ANNIKA SORENSTAM: You know, I really don’t know. I mean, I guess I just have to find out tomorrow. It’s nothing that I’ve practised before. As you all know, it will be what it is, and it’s a day in a way that we all knew it was coming and now it’s here within 24 hours. So, just embrace it and go with the emotions.

Q. So you will just focus on the task at hand?
ANNIKA SORENSTAM: Yeah, absolutely, that’s why I’m here. I’ve had many rounds to just absorb the atmosphere. I’m here to play, I always have been and I’m not going to change that just because it’s the last round. I have a chance to win a championship that I care very, very much about. I just have to be focused and maybe that will help me to keep my mind in check.

Q. What will be your game plan tomorrow?
ANNIKA SORENSTAM: My game plan, I don’t know what the leaders are, if I’m three or four behind. I have to get off to a good start and climb up the leader board early and put pressure on the leaders.
Again, I love this golf course. Yesterday I played very well on the front and I know how to play the course. You just have to get it done, and today I didn’t, but I know how to do it.