RICOH Women’s British Open
Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club
Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire, England
Third-round interviews
Aug. 2, 2009

Catriona Matthew, 74-67-71=212 (-4)

Hole 1, 199-yard, par 3:
Hole 2, 401-yard, par 4:
Hole 3, 419-yard, par 4: bogey – 5-iron thin, 3-putt
Hole 4, 371-yard, par 4: bogey – drive right, chip out
Hole 5, 170-yard, par 3: birdie – 8-iron to 10 feet
Hole 10, 334-yard, par 4: birdie – 9-iron to 25 feet
Hole 13, 340-yard, par 4: birdie – 8-iron to 12 feet

COLIN CALLENDER : Congratulations on a very solid round of 71 which leaves you 4 under par with a three shot lead. Could you give us your general thoughts on the round today, please?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, I was really pretty pleased with how I played. I hit two good shots on 3, and then hit a 3 putt and then hit a terrible shot off the fourth. But a good shot into 5 and made birdie, and I think that just kind of settled me down for the rest of the round and really played probably some of my best golf, even coming back into the wind and crosswind. So I was pleased with how I played the last nine.

COLIN CALLENDER : Seemed to me that you had the ball under control the whole way after the first couple of holes.

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, I missed only the 14th green coming in, and that wind coming in was good. A shame I didn’t make any of the birdies on 17 or 18, but hopefully make some more tomorrow.

Q. Given the break you had, does this surprise you?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: I mean, I think I kind of knew more what to expect this time, this being the second baby. When I came back from having Katie the first time, I think I finished first and second, and so coming back now certainly a little surprised at how well I’ve been playing.

Q. What was the last tournament you played?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: I played in Singapore, that was maybe end of February and I didn’t play again until maybe five weeks ago.

COLIN CALLENDER : So it was 11 weeks ago you had the baby?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yes, just about right now.

Q. Perhaps you can tell us more about your tee shot on the fifth, things were looking dodgy.

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, the wind was down and off the right there, I can’t remember the exact yardage, but I hit an 8 iron to probably ten feet just short of the hole and hit a really good putt and looked like it was going to miss and it sneaked in the right side. That really settled me down because I hit a good putt on 3 and it just had not moved at all and I played 4 badly so, that just kind of settled me down and got me into the round.

Q. Has your game changed, are you hitting it longer, shorter, short game?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: It’s pretty much the same. I think I’m probably hitting the irons best I have done in the last couple of years. I think I’ve had a bit of a chance to practise, five weeks there just working on the same kind of thing. So during the season, I find it difficult to find the time to try and practise things while you’re playing, so the break’s kind of done me beautifully.

Q. Why are you called Bee?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: One of my brothers couldn’t call me Catriona when he was small, so my dad called me Bee.

Q. Do you set yourself a target tomorrow?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Maybe not a specific score. I think just go out there and try to miss the bunkers and hit the greens. I think if I just try and have a par putt on every hole, try and not have any disasters, I think that will be the main thing.
I don’t think there’s any hole out there I would say is an easy hole and you’re looking for birdie on it. There’s danger lurking everywhere, so just trying to get it on the green in regulation.

Q. Looking at the people behind you, is there anyone amongst them who you expect to move tomorrow?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, I think there’s a lot of good players. Obviously Christina has obviously had a great day today. I think Jiyai Shin, I saw Paula Creamer up there. So there’s a lot of good players up there and certainly a lot of work still to do. And I would expect someone like Jiyai and Paula to go out there and play well so I can’t afford to let up.

Q. Will you look at the leaderboard or just focus on your own game?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: I’ll be looking. I don’t need to go around without looking.

Q. I’m sure a lot of women who have had babies just 11 weeks ago will be wondering how you manage the practicalities of looking after the baby while playing tournament golf. Perhaps you could tell us how you manage to fit it all in and how you manage to get any sleep?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: I’m lucky that my mom and dad are down this week, so my mom is not getting too much sleep. Obviously my husband caddies, so when we are at home during the week, we need the help. So we just work around it, he’s obviously there to help during the day. His parents and my parents have helped a lot, as well.

Q. Is the baby in the same room?

CATRIONA MATTHEW: No, she moved out after about a month. She has big lungs, you can hear her wherever she.

Q. Have you played much with Christina, and what’s it like, because she’s a lot more vocal than you are.

CATRIONA MATTHEW: Yeah, I’ve played with Christina a few times. It’s always good fun to play with her. It’s entertaining and you never know what to expect. Yeah, it will be fun playing with her tomorrow.

Christina Kim, 73-71-71=215 (-1)

Hole 1, 199-yard, par 3: bogey – 5-iron to 50 feet, 3-putt
Hole 11, 487-yard, par 5: birdie – chip to 6 feet
Hole 18, 386-yard, par 4: birdie – 7-iron to 5 feet

COLIN CALLENDER : Can I have your thoughts about the round today, please?

CHRISTINA KIM: You know, I just went out there and tried to stay patient. I had a phone call with my father earlier today before I teed off, it was like 4.00 in the morning for him, and he just said go out there and just try and stay patient. If any birdies come along take them, but don’t be too distraught if you make a few bogeys out there and just take it one shot at a time. So I’d like to think that I heeded his advice pretty well today.

COLIN CALLENDER : Do you advise that’s the secret of playing this course or links courses?

CHRISTINA KIM: If other people are hearing this, no.
Absolutely, it’s been a long year for me. I want to be patient now, and so just taking it one shot at a time and thoroughly just relishing in it’s such a different type of golf here with links style and carving shots into the wind and playing around the bunkers and this and that and using your creativity. It’s been such a phenomenal week in so many ways. Absolutely patience is a huge factor.

Q. Have you ever played on a links course before this week?

CHRISTINA KIM: This is my third trip to Royal Lytham St. Annes. I’ve been on Tour since 2003, and this is my seventh trip to the RICOH Women’s British Open now, so I’ve played a little bit.
My golf course back in Florida, I play over at Grand Cypress, they actually have Jack Nicklaus designed the golf course, 18 holes attributing a bunch of different golf holes links style. So I’ve got a little bit of a links style course in me I think.

Q. You said “phenomenal week in so many ways.” Are you just referring to on the course or the whole week?

CHRISTINA KIM: Just everything: The beautiful grey, British summer; between that, the thrill of playing in the wind and all of that, and also the selection of both Solheim Cup Teams being announced in about 27 hours or so, not that I’m keeping track. And you know, there’s a lot of drama, a lot of excitement, so many thrills. It’s been just so much fun and like I said, such a phenomenal week in so many ways.

Q. How high up on your list of attributes would patience come as a general rule?

CHRISTINA KIM: I would say I don’t know. It’s up there with having the shots, being able to know that from 130 yards, you can hit a lob wedge and from 130 yards you can hit a 4 iron. I think trust, confidence; patience is way up there, though. I mean, it’s got to be in the top three.

Q. So you’re by nature a patient person?

CHRISTINA KIM: I think that’s just this week.
No, I’m not necessarily the most patient person in the world. I’m a big fan of instant gratification, but I’m learning, especially with these economic times that sometimes you have to wait for stuff.

Q. Lee Trevino commented inaudible what nerves do you think he had in mind by that?

CHRISTINA KIM: Growing up I watched Lee Trevino play a lot of golf and I thought, man that, dude is cool. He wears his heart on his sleeve, his emotions were running high and sometimes when you’re in a right circumstance, your emotions will help push you to a better place in your golf.
I take that as nothing but a compliment. I think Lee is cool as all hell, so I think that’s great.

Q. There was also a comment on television that the final twosome tomorrow is Laurel and Hardy.

COLIN CALLENDER : You and Catriona.

CHRISTINA KIM: I don’t know that show, unfortunately. (Laughter). I’m sorry. I’m going to take that as a compliment, as well. I’m assuming maybe opposites perhaps, I’m going with that.
I think Catriona is a phenomenal player and she’s got a bit of an advantage being Scottish with this kind of golf course. But it’s going to be a great day tomorrow. She’s an absolute diamond and I adore her, so it will be a wonderful day tomorrow. I’m just really, really thrilled.

COLIN CALLENDER : Probably a good time to go over the solitary bogey and the birdies.

CHRISTINA KIM: First hole, I had 199 yards, I hit my 5 iron just short of the green. My first putt was about 50 feet and I hit it to about four feet left of the hole and missed the putt there.
No. 11, my third shot was 57 yards. I hit my 58 degree to about six feet and made the putt for birdie.
And on the final hole, from 139 I punched a 7 iron, it was awesome, to about five feet or so as well and made that putt. Not a whole lot happened.

Q. Do you ever get in a bad mood on the golf course?

CHRISTINA KIM: Oh, if you only knew. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Q. Can you give us an occasion when that happened and describe your behaviour, please?

CHRISTINA KIM: No, absolutely, about every round I’ve had so far coming into this week I would say.
Last week I was still suffering from the jet lag and all of this and that I think, so I was a bit crabby being up at 7.00 in the morning. Although I love playing in the morning.
But yeah, I’ve been known to just like when I go out there on the course, I’m having a good day, I talk to myself or whatever, but then I’ll sit there and chastise and yell at myself or moan about or anything like that, mown, whine, anything like that.

Q. Given all of the drama surrounding especially tomorrow, are you happy that you’re not a part of that drama and that you’re on the team?

CHRISTINA KIM: Granted, anything can still happen, but I do believe that I’m on the team. And I am absolutely thrilled.
It was a heartbreaking experience for me in 2005, but it was a necessary one that I had to go through. So it made me want to work even harder and I wasn’t even sure coming up on Thursday morning. I’m Asian; I’m good with numbers, but anything can happen with the way this week is going in terms of points. So I was not even sure how I was looking Thursday.
But after I came in and was not shooting 90, I figured I’ll probably pretty much be a lock for the team. Now it’s a bit of a leaf but at the same time it doesn’t diminish the fact that I came in this week and adding a few Solheim points is never a bad thing.

Q. A lot of the Koreans seem to have a bit of trouble expressing their personality, it’s a bit hard to get to know them sometimes

CHRISTINA KIM: As do a lot of American people.

Q. what’s the secret

CHRISTINA KIM: Not really giving up I get asked that a lot, and I think that extends far beyond people that come from any one nation. There’s a lot of people that play on the American LPGA Tour, the Japanese, the Koreans, the LET in Australia; I would like to think that I’m actually the anomaly. So I don’t know.
It’s just whatever it takes for people to play better golf, that’s all that matter, because bottom line, we are not here this is not an entertainment show. We are here to showcase the best golf out there. If that means someone is going to stiff it up for 18 holes and cry when they make the winning putt, go for it. And if that means screaming “Whoop!” On every tee shot, go for it. Whatever makes for the best golf.

Ai Miyazato, 75-71-70=216 (E)

Hole 1, 199-yard, par 3: birdie – 4-rescue to 6 feet
Hole 2, 401-yard, par 4: bogey – tee shot in bunker
Hole 6, 492-yard, par 5: birdie – chip to 6 feet
Hole 8, 389-yard, par 4: birdie – 8-iron to 15 feet
Hole 9, 156-yard, par 3: birdie – 7-iron to 30 feet
Hole 11, 487-yard, par 5: birdie – chip to 8 feet
Hole 12, 160-yard, par 3: bogey – 7-iron into bunker, missed 10 foot par putt
Hole 14, 420-yard, par 4: bogey – drive into bunker, lay-up, 9-iron to 15 feet, 2-putt

Q. You got off to the perfect start today. Was that the key for you?

AI MIYAZATO: Yeah, the putter is not really easy (now) so I’m just trying to focus on my tee shot and it was a great start. So, it was good.

Q. Were you nervous out there, this being a major?

AI MIYAZATO: No, not really. It was really comfortable. Again, my confidence is back, so I’m just trying to focus on hitting the shot. It was really comfortable.

Q. You say your confidence is back. Is that because of last week?

AI MIYAZATO: Yes, definitely.

Q. And why did it go away?

What was the problem?

AI MIYAZATO: It’s kind of a long story, but when I came to the tournament, I needed understand the culture and I need to study English, and like some things are an adjustment so that makes it maybe difficult.
Now my English is still not good but my playing is really comfortable and my confidence is back.

Q. And how comfortable are you on this golf course?

AI MIYAZATO: I played here three years ago and it was a really good finish. I like this golf course so much, especially like 17 is a really good hole and I have really good memories, too.

Q. Now, how big of a difference is it couple of shots out here, one or two shots behind the lead or three or four shots or whatever it’s going to be tomorrow, is there a difference on this golf course because of the trouble that’s out there?

People can make big numbers very quickly, so going into the final round a few shots behind, what’s that like?

AI MIYAZATO: I think I have a really good position now. Depends on the weather and depends on the wind. That makes a really big difference, difficult for this golf course. I’m just going to focus on my game and see what can happen.

Q. How much of a difference is it that you can win a major tomorrow

AI MIYAZATO: Just being patient. I knew it’s going to be really tough for me tomorrow but it’s same as everyone, so just be patient.

Jiyai Shin, 77-71-68=216 (E)

Q. Do you quite like your chances now?

JIYAI SHIN: Yeah, today I was really helping with driver and all shots, everything today. First I think driver was good, but missed the fairway

Q. You changed drivers?

JIYAI SHIN: I changed after because before the day, I changed a new driver, but it doesn’t work. So I change it.

Q. Do you feel like you’re in a good position to chase the leaders tomorrow?

JIYAI SHIN: Yes, of course, I’m following the leaders right now. I’m not far. I think this course is very tough, so nobody knows, the score, so I have a chance.

Q. What do you think the secrets are of playing this course well?

JIYAI SHIN: This course is really, really tough. A lot of bunkers and then tough rough. So every hole I try to stay in the fairway and stay in the green.
Today I did. So tomorrow, I focus to make the fairway and the green.

Q. Last year your score was so low; this year is very different.

JIYAI SHIN: So many players make birdie or eagle but this course very hard to play.

Q. Will the experience of winning this event last year help you in your mind?

JIYAI SHIN: Of course. After this event last year, it helped last year’s game because really good play last year and many times I try.

Q. You played 16 from 17, did you do yesterday as well?

JIYAI SHIN: First round too much rough for it, play more hard, but today really good tee shot but just missed my iron shot.

Q. So you might do it again tomorrow if you’re in the right position?

JIYAI SHIN: After I check the pin location.

Q. After the first round you played 16 from 17 going into the ditch?

JIYAI SHIN: Going into the water.