Amy Yang (South Korea)

How do you summarise your day?

Yesterday everything was working well together but today I missed a lot of putts and a few shots too. One under today, it was tough. I am happy that I didn’t lose any score.

How are you feeling ahead of tomorrow?

I’m getting a bit nervous now because tomorrow is the final day and I’m thinking about going home too. (To Orlando). I’m feeling good. I just need good food and good rest tonight.

Karen Stupples (England)

How would you describe your round today?

It was pretty solid. I got off to a really good start but had one bad hole, the seventh, but came back with an eagle at the eighth. From that point on I really didn’t look back. The back nine was pretty solid.

How did you make your double bogey?

It was rough, rough and more rough. I couldn’t get the ball out of the rough once I got in it. I kept trying and I thought just play out to the fairway and I couldn’t make it. It was just one thing after another.

How did you make your eagle?

I hit a really good drive. I took it on because I pretty angry at the double. I hit a good drive down there and hit a six-iron to three-foot.

The back nine was a stormer, with five birdies.

I was really happy with that. It started on 10. I hit a rescue four in there and made a 15 foot putt. A par on 11, 12 I birdied, I holed a 15 foot putt there too. 13 was a dog’s birdie hole. I think if you don’t make birdie there you’re losing a stroke on the field. 15, I actually got quite fortunate on 15. I hit my second shot into the mound on the left, had a fairly good lie and so I was able to get up and down for birdie there too. I just hung on and 17, I chipped in, so an unexpected birdie on 17 but I’ll take it.

Only a couple of shots behind. How will you approach the final round?

It’s all to play for. I’d love to have another good round like today really. In fairness I’ve played pretty well throughout the week. Yesterday was a bit of a disappointment with how I finished. If I can continue hitting the same kind of quality golf shots that I’m doing and make a few putts we’ll see where it puts me. Obviously Amy is playing particularly well. Having played with her the past two days she’s been a bit on fire so we’ll have to wait and see. I’d like to give her a run for her money.

Remind me when you had your appendix operation.

That was in March. I took four weeks off and I probably should have taken six weeks off. Six it was and it’s really taken me a long time to recover from that.

Back to health now though?

Oh absolutely. I feel great.

Becky Brewerton (Wales)

Tell us about your round.

It was even worse than yesterday. It was absolutely horrendous. Somehow by some miracle I managed to get around in level par which I’m very, very happy with.

A combinations of eagle, double, bogeys and birdies.

It was really strange. I hit some shots so far off line that they actually ended up being okay. They were even wide of where the trouble was. Even on 15 where I made the eagle I was lucky to hang on in the short rough and hit an okay shot into the green. I couldn’t see it but it must have had a couple of nice bounces and rolled up close. When your luck’s in, your luck’s in.

Still in the frame at seven-under…

Definitely. I’m not quite sure how. At least one day out of four I might be able to hit some good shots and put together a good score.

At your level, what can you do about shots that go astray?

To be honest I’m really not sure. I’ve been speaking to my coach every day but obviously it is difficult. You can’t see something over the phone but you just have to keep trusting it. Even when you do hit a bad one you have to accept it and try to stay out of trouble where you can.

Day four arrives. What do you do?

There’s nothing I can do really. Over the last three days I’ve been trying to figure out what might be wrong with the swing but so far it hasn’t worked so I’ll go out tomorrow and hit it as well as I can. If it goes sin trouble, I’ll just get it as far down as possible.

You’re still in with a chance.

Definitely. A lot can change. We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather so far and the wind hasn’t really blown hard so I guess in a way I’ll probably be hoping for that tomorrow because I think that gives you more of a chance. I’d have to play an awful lot better even if the wind does get up.

Breanne Loucks (Wales)

How are you feeling about your round?

I’m a bit annoyed, to be polite. I was two under after nine and made a three-putt on nine unfortunately. I made a few too many bogeys on the back nine and a few too many silly mistakes. A few mental errors and unfortunately finished one over. I’m a bit gutted really. Nothing I can’t work on and sort out easily.

Hopes for tomorrow?

I’ll get myself sorted tonight. I’ll hit a few balls and practise, do a bit of putting and get myself ready for tomorrow. I’ll do the same thing really, as I did on the front nine I had a lot of fun and was enjoying myself making nice birdies, playing smart golf.
It’s quite tough out there. I think the scoring’s not as good today. There have been a few good scores but the leaders are not doing brilliantly. I think there is a little bit more wind but it’s still a lovely day and you’ve got to enjoy it.