Stefania Croce, Italy 67 68 71 =206

What is your reaction to the day?
I feel good because I started roughly on the first hole but finished under par so it was good.

How did you make your double bogey?
I just hit the driver left and I couldn’t hit to the green. I tried to make bogey but the putt just didn’t go in. It was like a six-footer.

What was the main difference today?
I had a little bit more pressure being on top but I think I played better today because I hit more greens. The difference is making putts. If you make putts you go low.

How many greens did you hit today?
I hit 15 greens but twice I was off the green and I putted so it was more like 17. It was not bad.
Yesterday I made more putts but sometimes I also had to chip.

What is your strategy for tomorrow?
The strategy is to go as low as possible like always.

When was the last time you were in contention?
When I was in Italy last year I was tied for the lead.

What do you take from that?
It is just a matter of making putts.

What will you do tonight?
I will just relax. I will try to be fresh tomorrow.

Nina Reis, Sweden 67 69 72 = 208

How are you feeling?
I felt I was playing really well and then I had the triple bogey on seventeen, so that’s not good. I played well generally and I will try to keep that in mind. I hit the driver right and then I had to chip out. Then I had four putts.

What will you do tomorrow?
I will just try to do the same and try to hit good shots tomorrow. If someone would have told me before the tournament that I would have been second going into the last round of the tournament I would have been happy but somehow it still feels a little bit sad.

You have the experience from last week?
Yes. I will aim for another 61.

Anja Monke, Germany 67 78 65 = 210

What was the key to the round?
I didn’t putt as badly as yesterday. I hit some good shots and made some good putts.

Why is the scoring so good today?
I think because it is not as windy as it was yesterday, especially in the afternoon. I think compared to yesterday the greens are rolling much more nicely after they recovered during the night.

What else happened to you yesterday, did you get nervous?
No, not at all. It was tough to play yesterday. The scores were quite high and I think it was a combination of the wind and greens.

Laura Davies, England 72 73 65 = 210

What was your motivation this year?
The idea was to come back to Europe and get a bit more confidence back. I’ve won, had a few top-tens and had a few laughs, so it’s worked. I feel like I’m playing well again.

Will you play in Europe next year?
I wanted to get some Solheim Cup point this year and I think I’m fourth on the list now. I’d like to end the year in a good position where I have a choice of whether I have to come back and get some more points or not. I can see Europe playing a big part next year as well.

What about this course? It’s beautiful weather and it’s always rained here.
It’s been fantastic. The course sets really well to my eye which is one of the reasons why I wanted to come back. I knew I liked it and sure enough I’ve had a decent round today. We’re playing in good weather and you can’t beat it.