Melissa Reid (England) 71 72 65=2-8 (-8)

A terrific round of 65 and a nice way to end it as well.
It was a nice second shot in there which left me with a possible eagle. My caddie Lee said to me, because we made a three-putt on 17, ‘Let’s make it up with an eagle,’ so it was nice to finish with an eagle.

At eight under par and the tournament leader, you’re getting used to this, aren’t you?
Yeah, the changes I made over the winter are starting to show so it’s feels nice. I’m still not 100 per cent happy with the swing but I managed to get it around which is nice, especially around here which is a bit of a tough trek.

In the early stages you were five shots behind Laura Davies but then you pushed your foot on the gas.
Yes, I did. I had five under on the front nine and that kind of gets the ball rolling. I knew if I just made a couple of birdies on the back nine then it was going to be a pretty good score. I got off to a really good start.

The birdies were hard to come by over the first couple of rounds in Germany. What’s the difference between then and now?
It’s funny, putting: you’ve just got to let it happen. I think in Germany I was kind of, I just got a bit uptight and tried to make them a bit too much. Here you can’t really do that. It’s one of those courses where you’ve got to completely use your imagination and you’ve just got to feel everything so I think the girls are coming around to it and having a bit of fun out there, which is good.

You’re now a winner on tour. Do you feel a different golfer at all?
I didn’t to start with. I went back home after Turkey and thought, ‘I don’t feel any different at all,’ and then in Germany I definitely felt different. You write things down and take in what went well and what didn’t go well. I tried to go through the same routine as if I’d missed the cut. Obviously it’s nice to have won and to have finished second in Germany. It kind of gets the ball rolling and gives you that confidence. It’s a nice confidence and I hope to keep it going. Another 65 would be nice.

Kristie Smith (Australia) 69 73 67=209 (-7)

Congratulations. It wasn’t the greatest start but you got it round well in the end.
I got off to a good start but missed a little three-footer on the first hole. I was kind of nervous today: a little bit shaky out there. I played well during the middle of the round and got a bit of confidence going before the end.

Why do you think you were nervous? Just because you were up there on the leader board?
I don’t know. I feel like I have a really good chance to win this week. I feel that the golf course really suits my game and if you’re not nervous on the first tee or the first hole, then you shouldn’t really be playing.

At the moment things are going really well and you’re right in contention. You’ve already had your first professional win.
I’ve had a couple of wins this year and the first one shooting nine under in the last round. That was nice and I know I definitely can do it. To be not leading going into the last round calms the nerves a little bit too.

What about playing on the Ladies European Tour. How have you found it?
It’s been a lot of fun. To be honest I didn’t think I would enjoy it this much but I really am and feeling very comfortable.

What is your game plan going to be in the last group?
I’ll just stick to the game plan: fairways and greens and hopefully some putts will drop.

How much of an influence has your dad been as he was a professional golfer as well?
Dad’s been the biggest influence of my career. He’s helped me a lot to get to where I am now.

Will he be on the phone to you in a moment?
He’ll be in bed as it’s the middle of the night.

Will he call you before the final round?
Oh yeah, definitely.

Gwladys Nocera (France) 72 71 68=211

Gwladys, you had a 68 today. It puts you into a nice position going into the final round.
Yes. It’s a position I like: just a few behind. We will see tomorrow; it’s another day and with the weather we don’t know what’s going to happen. We’ll just take one day after the other one.

A great up and down at the last for your final birdie of the day. It looked as if you could have had a few more birdies out there.
Yes, like yesterday too. It’s not like I’m missing putts but I’m not making any. I think if I keep playing good, hitting the ball well and making putts then I’ll get some chances.

What is this course like to play on when it’s wet?
It’s longer of course. The ball is not flying much and it doesn’t roll anywhere. You have to take into consideration everything and just be patient. It rained so much this afternoon that it rained on 11, 12, 13, which are tough holes and I tried to keep patient and wait for the sun to come.

You were playing with Melissa Reid who was on some run. Were you worried that she would get too far away from you?
She can, I mean that’s what she is here for. We are all here to shoot our best score. I don’t care what she does: I just have to shoot my best and play. She can shoot whatever. She played really well and there’s nothing much I can say.

Is it nice to be back on the Ladies European Tour?
Yes. It’s my tour, I feel like I belong here. It’s nice to be here with my friends and enjoy everything: the food, the people, the place is really nice so I will just be thankful.

How is the American experience?
It’s great and I love it. I just have to shoot some decent scores to love it better. I really like it so I will do my best to keep my card and keep playing there.

You were back in France celebrating your birthday, last week, weren’t you?
I went to Biarritz because my sister lives there and my parents and my grandma who will be 85 came. My grandma is at the rugby game tonight in Paris.