Marianne Skarpnord (Norway) -13

A great start, wasn’t it?

I’ve been off to a slow start the past two days. There are two par fives at the start and the par three and I thought it would be nice to get a good start for once. I was four under after three.

A 66 is terrific. What was the secret?

I don’t know if there was a secret but I had a good start. On Wednesday I decided that at this tournament I had to be more patient because I knew that it was going to be low scores here. I think maybe that was the secret: that you don’t force anything.

You eagled the third which I think was the first eagle on that hole.

Was it? That was a good drive, a good five wood, just a little bit long and a good putt. I think it was a little bit hard.

Out in 31. Is that the best nine hole total in your career?

Probably. I don’t know to be honest but I don’t think I have many nine holes better than that.

You just go out there any play?

Yes. I’m just trying to go out there and have fun, be patient, hit good shots, trust my swing and my putting.

You love this place. I think you finished sixth here last year.

I love this course. The place is so beautiful. You just go and look around and a church over there. It’s just amazing.

You have time to take in the scenery?

Oh yeah. It’s so beautiful here. I’m happy and looking around.

Last year you finished second in Ireland but in different conditions. Does that experience help you going into the final round?

Yeah, absolutely. I’ve been up there before. Tomorrow I just have to go out there and do the same things I’ve done for three days; be patient and just trust myself.

Today is regarded as one of the most important days. What was your strategy at the start of the round?

There was nothing special actually. It was just go out there and have fun. Trust my game.

What would it mean to win?

Of course that means a lot. That would be a dream come true. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

Alison Nicholas is here; The Solheim Cup Captain. Does that qualify in your thinking?

To be honest I didn’t know she was here but yeah, I want to qualify so I’m going to do my best tomorrow.

Melissa Reid (England) -12

Well played Melissa. Can we start at the end? That was a pretty brave finish.

Yes. I hit a great drive off 18 and then we had I think 212 to the pin but it was howling into wind. I just said, you know, “What’s the carry to get over the water”, to Paul. He said you’ll be fine; you rip it through and you’ll get there. I hit probably one of the best three-woods I’ve ever hit and just ended up perfect.

He’s a good caddie, isn’t he, Paul?

He’s good.

He’ll be pleased today because his team is Manchester United.

Yes, he kept asking Di what the score was all the way round but I’m not a Man United fan so I didn’t really care. He’s a happy boy.

Your dad is a Derby County fan of course.

We’re Derby fans, yeah.

Your mum and dad are watching. Is that a bit special for you?

It’s nice. They came here last year and they really liked the place so they love it round here. It’s nice to have your parents here and for me to play well is quite nice for them.

The third round is always so important. You’ve got yourself right into position there.

Yeah. I started off really bad actually. I couldn’t get anything going. The first two par fives you should really do something and then, knocked it in close on the sixth. I had like a six foot eagle putt and three whacked it. I was pretty mad with myself but managed to birdie the next. I bounced back from it but I stayed very, very patient today.

What was the turning point of the round, then?

I hit a really good tee shot off nine. It was probably one of the best tee shots I’ve hit all day. You just get a feeling with the swing and then I started to hit it well after that really. I made a good birdie on nine and gave myself chances from then in.

When anybody talks about Melissa Reid they say, “Got to be a winner soon.” Is that in your mind?

Yes. Of course it is. I think if anything it holds me back because I’m so desperate to win. I mean, even this morning, I was so excited about playing. I want to play the best golf I can. Bring on tomorrow. I’m up for it.

It’s a pretty good life, isn’t it?

I know, I go home to my friends and tell them I’ve just been to Switzerland and Germany and they just go “Woah.” They stay home in Derby. It’s not a bad life for a 21-year-old.

Is tomorrow going to be the big day?

You’ve got to do the process first. Obviously you’ve got to do the job. Marianne Skarpnord is a good player and there are a few good players behind us as well. You’re going to have to shoot low tomorrow to pull it off.

Nicole Gergely (Austria) -8

It was all going so well wasn’t it, until the last few holes?

The last three. I really played well but after finishing double, par, bogey, I’m not really satisfied. It was okay until the 16th and then, I don’t know what happened. The tee shot, was just a 5-wood because of the wind and I hit it fat. I had still a 5-wood into the green; a three-putt and then another three-putt on 18.

You still see Nicole Gergely on the leader board, though.

That’s nice, actually. I feel confident; I know my game is there and I also made the birdies but the putting, maybe I got nervous. I don’t know. It was a new situation, a new experience, but that’s good.

I was going to ask if it was special for you.

It was. The last flight on the third day is always nice to be there with a good crowd. It’s nice but I’m getting used to it.

You like this course. You finished well last year.

That’s true. I felt sorry they had to cancel the last round so I just finished 17th.

What are the positives to take into the last round?

That’s a good question. I know it’s there. I was a bit too aggressive with the putting on the last three holes but all over it was fine. The key is to stay patient and it’s going to come back.

Is it better to not be in the last group tomorrow?

I think so, yeah.