Lee-Anne Pace (-11)

You finished at 11-under par and seven-under today. You must be delighted.

I’m very delighted. I’m very happy about how I played the last two days. The first day I played really well but the putts just didn’t fall, where they did today. I’m very happy about that.

You got off to a great start, didn’t you? You birdied four of the first five holes.

Yes, I did. My caddie and I went out there this morning and said, “Come on, let’s make a good start here. I missed the green on two and hit a really good chip and it went in so that’s how it started. I hit some really good shots after that, good putts also. When you’re four under after five, you’re in a good place for the rest of the day.

You’ve played well for the last few tournaments. This is your best round, isn’t it?

It is my best round. That’s totally because of James Petts, my coach. In the last two years he’s just transformed my swing and the way I think about golf, so all credit to him.

The course has played very differently this year with a lot of run on the balls. Do you think that is why we are seeing so many low rounds?

I think so. It’s playing shorter, obviously. I think you can hit a lot more wedges into the greens where last year it was seven-irons into them. It is running a lot.

What were you most pleased about today that you can carry over to tomorrow?

My putting was good today and ball striking also, everything. I hit 16 greens and 28 putts so I’m pretty happy with everything. We just had a lot of fun out there and I’m going to try to do the same tomorrow.

Ursula Wikstrom (Finland) -8

How did you make your double bogey at the last hole?

I hit my driver on the right and chipped out of the trees. The third shot I thought was okay but went too long and was on the left side of the road. The fourth was on the green but not too good and three-putted it. I made a nice finish! Oh well.

How do you rate your chances of catching up tomorrow?

Today I hit 16 greens and didn’t really make that many putts. If I keep hitting well and making some putts I can shoot low tomorrow. We’ll see. It’s another day and there are many players who can shoot low so you never know what’s going to happen. I think I’m not too far away.

Tania Elosegui 64 (-7)

This is your best round on the tour. How pleased are you with it?

Of course I’m satisfied. I wish I could shoot eight under every day. I’m very happy.

Were you a bit jet lagged coming back from the United States?

It was more than jet lag. I was a little bit tired. I took care of resting every day a little bit in the afternoons and not practising too much. I guess it worked.

The secret was the siestas?


Did you enjoy America?

Yes, it was great. The golf course was great, the greens were great. I was staying in private housing and had a great time but didn’t play well. I’m going back to Q-School in December.

You were second here last year. How much do you enjoy the golf course?

I didn’t really like this golf course at the beginning. I think it’s more difficult than last year because the fairways are very dry. If you miss it a little bit right or left the ball really runs into the trees. It’s also an advantage because it goes farther. I’m not hitting a lot of drivers from the tee. I’m just hitting three-wood and rescue. I’m just putting the ball in play. The par fours are not very long.

You hit your five iron close for eagle – correct?

Yes. It was given, right next to the pin.

How did you make your bogey?

I missed the green on the left on number eight and I had a great bunker shot but I missed a three footer.

How will you approach tomorrow?

I don’t want to think that much about tomorrow. Today I’m going to rest, I have an appointment with Adam (the tour osteo), and I’ll hit some putts and see how I wake up tomorrow.