Becky Brewerton (Wales)

How do you sum up that third round performance: another 69?

Very steady. It wasn’t too much glorious golf but I took advantage of the par fives, made all my birdies there for the day. It was tough again; the greens are getting tougher every day. I was very, very pleased with that.

How was the pace out there? It looked a bit slow on the front nine to us.

It was a bit. I think a couple of groups had a couple of problems and it’s always quite difficult when you lost time. This is a tough golf course and you can easily get into trouble. There can be an awful lot of situations where it takes a while to get sorted out.

You’ve maintained your three shot advantage and you’re up to 12-under now. Are you feeling comfortable about how you’re playing?

Yes, really good. Another day like that tomorrow, I think that will be good enough and I’ve got to go out with the same attitude; keep playing the way I’ve been playing; try and stay aggressive on the greens. It is difficult to do sometimes and I did leave a few putts short today but there are some where you just can’t really attack them. A combination of sensible but attacking at the same time.

You have your game plan ready?

I do, yeah.

The best of luck.

Felicity Johnson (England)

Congratulations. Saturday is always moving day and what a move from you today. Were you aggressive going out there and did you have a set game plan?

No, not really. I was just trying to go out there and do what I’ve been doing all week: fairways and greens and take it from there. I putted really well today, which was the key to my score really. It was a normal game plan today but it all worked for me.

So many people have found it difficult on the front nine but there you are with birdies on one, three, five, seven and nine. Explain that.

As I said, it was just simple golf, which I think is the key to this course. If you put your driver on the par three, your tee shot in the wrong place, it’s really difficult to make par. I was swinging it well so it was just a matter of hitting the right shots at the right time and playing simple golf. It sounds boring I know.

How do you keep yourself steady after such a stellar front nine?

It was good today. It was the first time I’ve really put myself in this position to go on and compete on Sunday. We had a lot of chat in the group so it was a good group to be in today. It was very enjoyable out there and I tried to keep level headed out there really.

A great round today. Are you excited about tomorrow?

Yes, definitely. You’ve just got to treat it as another round of golf but obviously it’s going to be stressful for me to go out and compete and win an event. I’m really looking forward to it.

Bettina Hauert (Germany)

A 67 today and a very good putt on the 14th hole from 50 feet.

I was front right and while I was reading the line I already had a smile on my face because I love those challenges. Martin was tending the pin, I putted it and hit it really hard with the two steps in it. Martin pulled out the pin and was already lifting his hand up. I was thinking it’s got to be really good if he’s doing that because he doesn’t get that emotional usually. It was all the way in so that was a bonus.

Feeling good about your chances?

Tomorrow is another day and we’ll see what it brings. This is the best round I’ve had all week playing wise. I have a little injury on my shoulder so I’m going straight to the physio again but I’m not complaining about it.

Laura Davies (England)

A 66 today after 77 yesterday. What was the difference?

Putting. I hit a couple of really bad shots yesterday and had a triple and a good bogey on the second poor shot. I had 36 putts yesterday and a couple of three putts. Today I hit greens. I didn’t read them today because I’ve been so worked up about the grain and everything that I’ve been over reading them really. I hit 16 greens and had 30 putts today and that’s always a good day. We didn’t read them. Johnny’s not been reading them all week because he’s fed up with them. The grain is so difficult to spot we were just putting the putter down and hitting it. The majority of them went in today, which was nice.