Hazel Kavanagh (Ireland) 68-73-67 (-8)

What was the secret?

I hit 17 greens and I putted great. I holed a monster on 12 and 13.

How long were the putts?

They must have been 25 and 35 feet.

How did you make the birdies on two, three and seven?

On two I hit it in to about ten foot and holed, three I hit to about four foot and holed, and seven I hit it in to about six foot and holed it.

What is driving you this week?

I love the golf course, just love it. I’ve been struggling with my tee shots and they are working out well so I’m just trying to enjoy it.

Have you been reading “Golf is not a game of perfect” by Bob Rotella?


What is your new mental approach?

Just having no emotion; not caring where the ball goes. I used to care and try so hard to put it into position but now I just hit it and then find it and hit it; see what happens.

You’ve had a better year than the last seven. Can you pin point anything in your game that has helped you improve?

It’s the mental approach. I always knew I had it in me but mentally I was very weak and I’m much stronger this year.

You’re the top ranked Irish player on the tour at the moment. Does that give you any extra confidence?

Yes. One of my goals at the start of the year was to play in the European Nations Cup next year for Ireland because I love team events and I’ve always enjoyed playing for Ireland, so that was one of my goals.

Do you think a win here would have a big impact in Ireland?

Yes, I hope so. One of my goals was to be the first Irish winner and I know there are going to be loads of players coming through so I want to do it as soon as possible.

You turned pro pretty late. Why was that?

I turned pro so late because I wasn’t playing well enough to turn pro when I should have. I went through a bad patch between ‘95 and 2000. It wasn’t the right time.

How will you approach tomorrow?

I’m just going to go out there and swing the club and see what happens.

Linda Wessberg (Sweden) (-8)

How pleased are you with your round today?

I’m very pleased. I’ve been struggling big time this year and finally I feel like my putting is coming together again, which has always been a good part of my game. I haven’t been putting well at all. It’s nice to finally roll in some putts. I’m trying to hit the fairways but it’s pretty tricky. I’m happy with where I am right now.

How did you improve your putting?

I don’t know. I guess that now I can see the ball go in and before I didn’t so I don’t know what I’ve changed. I’m making more three or four footers and it helps.

What are your plans for the remainder of the 2009 season?

I’ve decided I’m going to finish off the year and stay in Europe. I’ll continue to play here next year. I like it better here. I like it in the US too but I get home sick. I like being here. I can go home tomorrow and I’ll fly out on Tuesday to France, so that’s nice.

Are you looking forward to France?

Very much so, but I’m not done here yet!

Did you have nerves today?

I told my mum today on 16 where the hole is out there on the right (by the water), “I don’t want to hit this shot,” but I did well and made birdie.

Marjet van der Graaff (Netherlands) (-8)

Any nerves this morning?

Yeah. I hit it well this morning but I three putted three holes on the first nine which isn’t good.

How long was your eagle putt on ninth?

15 metres.

The back nine was steady.

The putting was still not great. I had one solid birdie and that was pretty much it. A three metre putt on the 13th.

Are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Yes, for sure. I’m going to the putting green now to practise my putting because that was horrible. The rest of the game was alright so I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

Was it intimidating playing with Laura?

It was my first time playing with Laura. The drives were not really a problem. She only beat me on 18 actually. I think with the people around, I’ve played pretty bad the last couple of months so I was a bit shaky with all the people around and Laura. I now have another experience so hope to go better tomorrow.

Laura Davies 74 (-6)

The first hiccups of the week. What happened?

I hit two bad shots and had a double and a triple. You can’t really recover from that. The double was, I hit a really poor tee shot and went for a shot that didn’t come off. I made a double there but the triple on 13, I hit a really good tee shot and had some mud on the ball. I hit a nine iron but the mud skewed it off to the right and it went in the water. I tried to get it out a couple of times and a triple.

Now you’re only two shots behind.

I’m still in with a chance. That takes a bit of pressure off actually. If I was leading and trying to get three on the trot its a bit more pressure. Now I’m playing catch up and it’s all to play for now. I’m not saying I’d rather be two ahead but it takes a bit of pressure off.