Yani, a wonderful round today. You left a 30-footer resting on the lip on the last. It would have been a course record 62. How do you feel about the way you played today?


It’s really exciting because my putting is much better than yesterday and I just figured out something before I went out to play. I figured I was standing too far yesterday and today I tried to get closer and it works really well.


You were standing too far away from the ball?


Yeah, too far away from my ball but I got a little closer and it works really well


Did you discover that last night, was it something you worked on last night?


No, I worked on it this morning. I just figured out what happened. I couldn’t find it last night but I found it this morning.


So that is just to get your eyes directly over the ball?


Yes, absolutely.


Yani how much do you look forward tomorrow with the prospect of becoming world No. 1?


Tomorrow I will just enjoy myself and enjoy the crowd and shoot lots of birdies too.


Did you genuinely not know if you won tomorrow you would be world no. 1?


I don’t know. I just tried to figure it out but now I know.

Yes, they checked it out. If you win tomorrow you will become world No. 1. You said at the start of last week your goal would be to become No. 1 this year. You’ve gone from No. 5 to no. 2, now No. 1. You are going have to set yourself a new goal for the year.

I know and I just want to stay there longer. I still have lots of things to learn.

Do you feel you left any shots out there today?


A couple of shots but I feel very happy today.


Will you be heading up to Thailand tomorrow or Monday?


Monday morning.


Great play, Yani.


Thank you.