Laura, welcome. Why don’t you start by telling us how the course was playing. We played the first few holes, no real wind, and you feel like you can make lots of birdies but the back nine it got up and you can make a couple of doubles out there. The greens I think are probably going to get quicker as the week goes on, they are a little bit slow, but the conditions, I’ve never seen a course in that condition, I have to say.

We’ve had such a wet summer. Is it playing like a typical links course considering how soft the course is now? It’s a typical links at the moment. It doesn’t take much as the wind gets up. The greens normally would be a lot harder as you can actually throw the ball right at the pin and hold it, and I spun it back on a couple of occasions, which is a bit unusual. I have to agree with what you say, it’s a lot more than I would imagine.