Soo-Jin Yang (South Korea) through translation:

I feel very lucky because it was very difficult in the wind. Every single shot I was thinking about which club to hit because the wind was changing from upwind to downwind. At the 18th hole I missed a three metre birdie putt so I had a chance to be the outright leader. I feel a little sorry about that. I have lost five kilos, like 12 pounds, over the one and a half summer break this year so my swing feels totally different. I don’t know why. I would like to put more weight on because my driving distance is shorter. I think that’s why I haven’t had good results. This is the second time I have led after the second round.
This is the first time I have the chance to win. I want to take this opportunity.

Sarah Lee (South Korea)

I shot even today and it was pretty difficult reading the greens. Inside 15 feet I kept missing putts. I hung in there and I’ve got one more round.
I heard it’s going to be rainy tomorrow but everyone will have the same conditions so I will stay positive.

Anna Rawson (Australia)

How do you feel it went today?
Terrible. It started off well. I was hitting it great, playing well and hitting good shots. When we hit the back nine we had to wait on every single shot. I got out of rhythm and I got bored. My hands got cold.

At the middle of the round you were co-leader. Have you got any feeling about that?
It’s slow and long. I was waiting on every shot. I’m a fast player so I don’t like to wait the whole time. My hands get cold and then I don’t have any feel.

Will you have a different strategy for the final round tomorrow?
No. I will do just the same thing. I’ll just go out and try to play well. I’m going to wear more clothes tomorrow, get a bit warmer. Just one shot at a time. I’ll see if I can get some birdies tomorrow.

Rebecca Coakley (Ireland)

Another solid round of 72 with six birdies. How pleased are you?
I was going really well and then on 14, the par five, I hit a good drive, a good second shot, was in between clubs for my third shot and had a hanging lie. I caught it a bit think and its pitched just past the pin and it just goes straight downhill from there so it’s gone OB by about a foot. I took seven on that hole so that set me back a bit. I had the momentum going. I think it was a bit of indecision because I wasn’t sure what club and went with a little bit more and eased off it a bit. I caught it a little bit thin and on this golf course anything that goes long is OB. Asian golf courses are like that.
I’m playing well. I just need to stop making so many bogeys.

Do you feel your experience of playing in Japan has helped you here?
I think so. I guess I’m used to the way they play golf from a few years ago playing in Japan. You know the way the caddie works and you know that you’re going to have slow rounds. It doesn’t make it any easier but I guess I’m just a bit more used to it, the six hour rounds. It’s hard to get used to.

What will be your aim in the last round?
I would love to go out there and have a bogey-free round; that would be really nice. My biggest fault at the moment is I play well and miss an up and down or have a three putt here and there. I’m just dropping simple shots so if I can go out and have a bogey free round I’d be happy.