Mads with his Shetland Mulle

I really treasure spending quality time with my family and obviously, not having to travel somewhere new every week means that I can catch up with friends, who are very understanding towards my line of work and (almost) never complain about not seeing me.

This winter has also meant a fair bit of hard work, though. I have started working out with a new personal trainer called Bettina Borg. She shows no mercy and works me to within an inch of my life twice a week. Apart from that, I work out daily at a gym near my house.

It feels really good to get back in shape (BTW, no, I was never pregnant – to those who were wondering) and one needn’t be a rocket scientist to figure out the positive benefits a healthier and stronger body will have on my game…don’t expect to see Bo Derek out there, but expect a trimmer Tinning for sure.

I hope everyone has had a great winter and enjoyed their ”time off”- I certainly have and feel ready to get out there now that I have recharged my batteries with the love of my friends and family, particularly my “special boys” Mads and my husband Lasse…

See you soon…

All the best,