Cheyenne Woods is enjoying the attention that comes with being the defending champion at the RACV Ladies Masters on the Gold Coast in Australia this week.

Woods has returned to the RACV Royal Pines Resort and first noticed herself advertising the event on TV in her hotel room.

“It’s just different seeing my face on the player badges and the billboards and stuff,” she said. “I feel pretty comfortable out here and I’m just going to play how I always do. I’m not really concerned about people aiming to beat me or anything like that.”

The third year professional from Phoenix, Arizona, has prepared meticulously, even skipping last week’s LPGA event in the Bahamas to be in top form. “I knew this was an important week for me and the Ladies European Tour, to come back and defend. So I wanted to be in a good mind set and a good physical condition to come play. I could have played in the Bahamas but I wouldn’t get here until tomorrow so I wanted to make sure I was prepared to come back and defend my title.”

As the niece of Tiger Woods, Cheyenne is used to being in the spotlight but she has brought her mother and regular caddie to keep her feet on the ground.

“It’s the first time that I will be defending a title so it is a new experience for me but it’s nice. Like I said, it’s a good position to be in. I feel comfortable at the course, and it’s nice to have my mum with me and my caddie from home. If I was nervous at all I think that would calm me, just having somebody familiar around me all week.”