The 2009 champion Katherine Kirk won’t let having no golf clubs stop her from winning the RACV Ladies Masters for a second time.

She’ll be borrowing a set of clubs for the first round after an airline lost hers on the way to Brisbane, but on contending at RACV Royal Pines Resort and then at the ISPS HANDA Women’s Australian Open next week in Melbourne, she said: “Very, very happy on and off the golf course, so no excuses. I mean why not make it a double, right?”

As her suitcase didn’t arrive either, she had a day to complete her outfit, borrowing tees and a hat from fellow golfer Julia Boland, with a little shopping for shoes, socks and other clothes.

“Physically I feel alright, I usually do okay flying back to Australia. So I don’t know. I don’t have any expectations now,” she added.

Last time her clubs went missing, Kirk finished second in the 2005 Canadian Open, although she did manage to get them just in time for the tournament.

“You don’t expect much obviously, when that happens, so I think that definitely helps.”