Carlota Ciganda’s Solheim Cup predictions


  1. Why is The Solheim Cup a special tournament?

Because it’s like a Ryder Cup and it is played once every two years. Also, you play as a team; in golf there are not many opportunities to play as a team. I love feeling the team atmosphere and playing foursome and four balls.

  1. Why are you looking forward to The 2015 Solheim Cup?

As a golfer every European would love to be in the team. It’s a very special week. You make new friends and you fight together for the same reason.

  1. What is your favourite Solheim Cup memory from 2013?

When I made the putt to win with Azahara playing against Gerina Piller and Angela Stanford in the second day four balls on the last green to win by 1, I always remember that.

  1. What is your favourite Solheim Cup memory of all-time?

Making history in the US! I just love feeling of the team atmosphere and being all as one! You make new friendships and it’s an unforgettable experience. A great party to celebrate the victory too.

  1. Who would you really like to play with from Europe if you qualify and why?

I would love to play with Aza! There is a strong connection between us. We played a lot of golf together growing up and we love playing match play! We are very competitive and playing match play shows the best of us.

  1. Who would you really like to face from the USA and why? 

Anyone, I don’t care. I just think about beating the opponent and winning the point for Europe.

  1. Predicted winning score:

15-13 for Europe.

  1. What would it mean for Europe to win three in a row?

It would be awesome! It would mean a lot for Europe but I think we all need to be in the present and think about Solheim Cup this year; what happened in the last one is already history. Goooo europeeee!